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Why Unity?

It took time for America to become a nation, lots of time.  Simply discovering and refining its geographical status while staving off foreign intervention turned out to be a project that required hardiness and valor, plus vigilance and perseverance along … Continue reading

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Where is the Outrage?

Once again a United States military facility has been attacked with four unarmed Marines murdered and one member of the U.S. Navy later succumbing to his wounds while several other people were injured.  All of this was accomplished by one gunman, a … Continue reading

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I would like to hope that there are many people other than myself who have struggled over the past six years to comprehend the enigma that is Barack Obama; in particular to make sense over his many actions that appear at … Continue reading

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A Must Read

Never have I seen a more concise article regarding the current Israel/Gaza ongoing crisis than a recent editorial by Charles Krauthammer.  There is an enormous amount of misinformation being spread about that conflict, primarily designed to fuel the virulent anti-Israel prejudice … Continue reading

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