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In Memorium: George H.W. Bush

This was a special man. He showed courage throughout his lifetime along with honesty, integrity, dedication, grace, competence, compassion, charity, friendliness and a love of life that he was quick to share with others.  He was fortunate to find in … Continue reading

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The Winds They Are A-Blowin’

Had I not watched some live coverage from FOX News of President Trump’s recent overseas trip I would have known little about it since the continuing barrage of hysterical attacks insisting the President has proved to be a traitor to America by … Continue reading

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Sure could use a little good news ………

Brings to mind the song sung by Anne Murray some years back. “I rolled out this morning.  Kids had the mornin’ news show on”; “There’s a local paper rolled up in a rubber band.  One more sad story’s one more … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa

I am indeed guilty of a lack of faith by questioning now-President Donald J. Trump’s potential to defeat not only Hillary Clinton in her egomaniacal quest for the White House but also the vast majority of the mainstream media, the “Washington Establishment” … Continue reading

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Will We learn From Past Mistakes?

This November voters are faced with momentous decisions.  We are nearing what could be the most important, vital Presidential election that Americans have faced in many decades. Will the voters continue to base far-reaching political consequences on mainly emotional urges rather than factual … Continue reading

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Time To Begin Sorting Things out

First off; I agree with columnist and radio personality Larry Elder in that I am an “ABC guy”, that is to say “anybody but Clinton”.  Her monumental litany of lies, distortions and obfuscations over decades in high profile positions should be reason … Continue reading

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“Battle Lines Being Drawn” (Buffalo Springfield, 1966)

Yesterday in Chicago would appear to be a harbinger of things to come and that bodes ill for America.  The minions of the Left turned out in all their virulent glory to once again clearly demonstrate that their insistence on … Continue reading

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