Pete Cutler is a retired Army Master Sergeant, Vietnam veteran and martial arts enthusiast who lives in Freeport, Maine.  Other than the time spent in military service, he has lived his all of his life in his home state and deplores the decline of values such as self-responsibility and working hard to get ahead that used to characterize the “Mainers” that he grew up with.


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  1. eeseverance says:

    I’m actually a 5th generation Vermonter who has retired to ND to be near kids and grandkids. We still have kids and grandkids in Vt. as well. We travel back and forth cross country. We see a lot and most of it is not good. America is stupid and must wake up soon, perhaps it is already too late.
    I miss the hills of Vermont but not its current communist minded politics. I too grew up in a Vermont that believed in self-reliance, hard work, and limited government. I served in Vietnam with the Air Force from Dec. 68-Dec.69. I like your conservative blog.

    • Hi Ellis. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. Unfortunately Maine has followed closely in Vermont’s footsteps and with a Democratic-controlled Legislature is back on the path to bankruptcy due to their intent to create a welfare state with health care for all (including a growing Somali and other illegal immigrant population, plus the usual “unemployed”). Looks like we just missed each other in Vietnam. I was a medic with the 1st Infantry Division from ’66 to ’67 and retired out of the Army in 1980 with 20 years in. Sounds as though we have a few things in common. Don’t be a stranger.

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