In Memorium: George H.W. Bush

This was a special man.

He showed courage throughout his lifetime along with honesty, integrity, dedication, grace, competence, compassion, charity, friendliness and a love of life that he was quick to share with others.  He was fortunate to find in his wife Barbara a soulmate who mirrored his character traits and who provided him with rock solid support during the lifetime that they shared together.

Here in Maine he was loved and respected as much for his retirement time in our state and the community of Kennebunk as for his service to our nation.

Where in politics today can you find a politician of this stature?  It is sad to be so difficult to attempt (and fail) to answer this question.

RIP Mr. President and let us never forget that in his own words his most important titles were “husband, father and grandfather”.

And so we mourn the passing of a fine man whose like we will be most fortunate to ever see again.

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