The Winds They Are A-Blowin’

Had I not watched some live coverage from FOX News of President Trump’s recent overseas trip I would have known little about it since the continuing barrage of hysterical attacks insisting the President has proved to be a traitor to America by establishing “back door” connections with the Russian government has dominated the “news” for the last month.

In addition reports insist that he has undermined our nation’s best interests during his address to a gathering of NATO members in Brussels by asserting that only five of the organization’s members have lived up to a 2014 agreement stating that all participants must spend a minimum of two percent of their GDP on defense.

Not to mention the President’s refusal to join a Group of Seven (G7) leaders in pledging to support the Paris Climate Agreement and a visit with Pope Francis that produced a picture of a smiling President standing next to a decidedly sour-faced Pilate.

This negative narrative engineered by the mainstream media neglects to acknowledge the red carpet treatment that President Trump received during his visit to Saudi Arabia and his reaffirming U.S. support for Israel while visiting the Western Wall in East Jerusalem and expressing his desire for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  It was entirely refreshing during these two visits to mark the courtesy and respect shown to the President, a far cry from the manner in which his predecessor was received.

Other accomplishments are equally ignored such as the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and the resumption of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. Executives in the steel, coal, and manufacturing industries are reporting a new confidence not seen in years, very preliminary statistics concerning economic growth, labor participation, energy production, the stock market, and business and consumer confidence are all positive, and it is reported that in illegal immigration has dropped by 70 per cent. The stock markets continue at a record-breaking pace.

Efforts continue to construct a more advantageous replacement to the Affordable Care Act and the President has made it clear that significant changes need to be made in Defense spending in order to ensure protection for our nation and compliance with our promises to assist our allies.

You might think that all of this could be classified as good news and widely disseminated but instead an unholy alliance of the Liberal Left, the mainstream media, a conglomeration of special interest groups, and the Washington Establishment (to include the “Never Trump” Republican/Conservative branch) continues their jihad to de-legitimize a duly appointed President by taking every opportunity to highlight his “character defects”, smear his family and associates by defamation and lies and obstruct his policy agenda without regard to its potential benefits to America and its citizens.

Quite likely this pathological reaction stems from the recognition by these factions of the danger that this Presidency poses to their closeted, profitable, entitled little universe.  It is utterly unfathomable to these people that the new President appears to have none of the traits of a “successful” politician nor do his actions conform to the norms that the establishment feels that they have created for inhabitants of the Washington “swamp”. Donald Trump uses Tweets in the same fashion as both Roosevelt and Carter employed their “fireside chats”, a direct line of communication with the nation’s people.  Or at least a significant portion of them.

Ironically, it is only in a free society that such contradictory and destructive behavior could be encouraged let alone condoned and even labeled “Patriotic”.  Cultural Marxism has taken root to the extent that the exponents of “critical thinking” are those most intent on reverting to the “reptilian brain”, the source of emotion, rather than exercising the portions of the brain devoted to logic and reason.

Barack Obama loved to flaunt the self-bestowed mantle of an agent of change.  What he and so many others of our self appointed aristocracy have ignored is the fact that the winds of change are capricious and will continue to blow and not always in the expected direction.




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5 Responses to The Winds They Are A-Blowin’

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  2. Wise Hearted says:

    reverting to the “reptilian brain”, the source of emotion, rather than exercising the portions of the brain devoted to logic and reason. Love this line, “reptilian brain”, explained why so many snap and try to eat others up….I think reptiles never think beyond their next meal…focus on self always comes from a small mind…great post.

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