Will We learn From Past Mistakes?

This November voters are faced with momentous decisions.  We are nearing what could be the most important, vital Presidential election that Americans have faced in many decades. Will the voters continue to base far-reaching political consequences on mainly emotional urges rather than factual information and careful evaluation?

As an independent, or “unaffiliated” voter, I profess no Party loyalty although due to my Jacksonian leanings (to include anti-elitism and egalitarianism, tough-on-crime stances, stubborn adherence to traditional views on social issues including acceptance of government assistance for “deserving” members of our citizenry, skepticism of Wilsonian nation-building projects but a willingness to fight to protect our nation when threatened, and drawing a sharp distinction between members of our nation and those unwilling to assimilate into our culture) I prefer the policies of the right rather than the left.

Nonetheless, I maintain that in reality there are not two political parties labeled Democrat and Republican that constitute our political class in America, but instead only one major political party in our country; The Party of Incumbents.  This self-appointed elite group pretends to manifest divisiveness, while collectively pursuing their main objective – to remain in power and enjoy the privileges of their exalted positions while avoiding their constitutional responsibility to manage the concerns of our nation.

They are slavishly aided and abetted by a motley crew made up of sycophants, bureaucrats, a majority of the academic world and most of the media who make a very comfortable living stirring up never ending controversy with the aid of so called “moderate” politicians such as the RINO’s Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe and “Independents” such as Senators Bernie Sanders and Angus King.  Even notable publications who labor under the conservative label, The National Review and The Weekly Standard for example, are sufficiently terrified of the perceived threat from the outsider Donald Trump that they devote reams of copy to degrade his campaign for the Presidency.  And of course there are the “Never Trump” Republicans who blindly subvert the efforts of their own Party, in effect supporting Hillary Clinton by rejecting the legal choice of their Party members.

In so many previous elections, this collusion has produced a choice between two representatives of the “Washington Establishment” with the election of either guaranteeing that the corruption and decay continues unabated.  Therefore our “representative government” features an Executive Branch which is arguably the most corrupt, inept and unconstitutional in the history of our country, a Judicial Branch that has been so thoroughly politicized that some of its members openly take part in the elections process and rewrite statutory law, and a Legislative Branch (Congress) that has abdicated its oversight responsibilities in regard to the other two while avoiding its major duty to create and make adjustments to the rule of law that distinguishes America from all other governments.

Today we are faced with a world in upheaval: rampant economic distress in many nations; chaos among the volatile national elements that  constitute the Middle East; the breakdown of international borders and the accompanying refugee crises; growing threats of territorial encroachment on their neighbors from both Russia and China.  And perhaps most urgent, a growing cultural war that employs terrorism as its favorite weapon in a resurgent campaign with world domination as its goal.

Our past Presidential and Congressional choices have led us to the disintegration of a once proud nation, internal division along racial and social lines, and deterioration of prestige and power in the eyes of both allies and enemies.

And once again we are faced with two choices.

I am not willing to place my trust for the next four years in a thoroughly unlikable, monumentally hypocritical, frighteningly avaricious, strikingly incompetent, completely lacking in moral or ethical stature individual only because “it is time for a woman President”.  Blind desire for the politically correct image of a minority head of our nation led to the election (twice, astoundingly) of perhaps the least well-prepared presidential candidate available and look where that has landed us.

There are those who say that election of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency would result in simply “more of the same”, but I would differ.  In my opinion her election would produce an unparalleled catastrophe that would guarantee the demise of America.  She has already proven that though foreign governments contributing millions of dollars to The Clinton Foundation during her tenure as Secretary Of State that her insider influence is readily available to not only other nations, but also to the “Wall Street plunderers” that she has so vociferously denigrated but from whom she eagerly accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars in obscene fees for minimal speeches – not to mention the campaign contributions from the one percent of “obscenely wealthy” constituting the “rich” (a group that she has now joined shortly after leaving her stint as First Lady).  Such unbridled greed would be an irresistible lure for our enemies both foreign and domestic.

The recently concluded Democratic Convention paints a most revealing picture of what a nation with Hillary Clinton in its top leadership position can expect.  Uniformed law enforcement was noticeably absent within the confines of the convention hall, but several mothers of departed minority miscreants slain during altercations with police were paraded before the delegates.  No American flags were initially posted within the hall. Hysterical devotees screamed their approval as speaker after speaker castigated the evil Trump while forgoing any solid platform that would address the problems that our nation and its people face.

Which brings us to our only other choice, someone who the Washington establishment, which consists of the Party of Incumbents and their fellow travelers to include bureaucrats, most of the media and a distressing number of corporate and financial entities, lives in abject fear of.  Only a year ago we were assured that such a buffoon, a mere real estate mogul, a vulgar nouveau riche cretin would never become the Republican challenger that would face the anointed Queen Hillary.  For some of us acquainted with major conflicts the old adage that “the best-laid battle plans last only until the first shot is fired” (along with Murphy’s Law) applies in spades this time around.

Would Mr. Trump be my first choice as a candidate for President?  Nope.

But many of us are convinced that “Washington is broken” and that corruption runs wide and deep.  The simple fact that the leadership of both “political parties” is terrified that an outsider has gained enormous popularity is enough to compel me to take a careful look at the potential that Donald Trump has to change the ways that Washington adopted. If nothing else, a President Trump might create enough opposition to galvanize Congress into actually uniting to do the work that the voters elected them to do.

Trump has a solid record of achievement in the business world as do the other members of his voluble and attractive family.  Despite the desperate attempts of his opponents in both parties to picture him as ignorant, reckless, unstable and undependable, he most likely will appoint competent people (rather than ideologues) to help set the United States back on the right path.

Make no mistake: electing Hillary Clinton will ensure another four to eight years of the decline, divisiveness, and angst that bedevil our once proud and successful nation. Defeating her and the oppressive, anti-American behemoth that the Democratic Party has become.  Keep in mind that the Democrats always bombard their opponents with accusations of ill behavior in order to cover up their own moral and ethical transgressions.

As with all politicians focus on what they do, not what they say.

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4 Responses to Will We learn From Past Mistakes?

  1. I thought your article was pretty reasonable, up to paragraph that begins “Trump has a solid record…” We don’t know what his record is, only what HE says it is. There’s no tax returns to prove if he’s even a billionaire, or if he gives the massive contributions to charity he has claimed. Because of his multiple bankruptcies, he can’t borrow money for his projects from normal sources, so who funds them? He hires ghostwriters for everything he publishes and signs his name to their work. He refuses to pay his bills, stiffs workers, and sues at the drop of a hat. Can you even imagine having more than 3500 conflicts with others that end up in court? It’s an average of 70 lawsuits a year, for every year of his age since he turned 21. That neither indicates verifiable success, nor someone who hires competent people, aside from his lawyers maybe.

  2. Agreed that Trump has yet to release tax returns (claiming that he is unable to because he is under audit). Would you be willing to share the sources that you say “prove” that he has not personally written “everything he publishes”, “refuses to pay his bills” (how is he able to stay in business?), “stiffs his workers” (again, how does he stay in business?) and has “more than 3500 conflicts with others that wind up in court”? Many successful businessmen have experienced bankruptcy during their careers – it is one of the ways that you can learn from mistakes. The mainstream media publishes a plethora of accusations against Trump while assiduously ignoring scandal after scandal resulting from the incompetence and greed of the Clintons ranging from the email scandal to the Clinton Foundation and the millions paid to Bill from Laureate University for his role as “Chancellor” from 2010 to 2014, not to mention that both of the Clintons were found to be cheating on their income taxes. As I stated Trump would not be my first choice for President, but compared to the return of Bill and Hillary to a position that would allow them to pillage the nation at will while selling us out to the highest bidder among our enemies he seems the only current alternative.

    Thank you for your comments. I hope that everyone participate in the process this year after careful examination and reflection on the qualifications of the two candidates.

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