Time To Begin Sorting Things out

First off; I agree with columnist and radio personality Larry Elder in that I am an “ABC guy”, that is to say “anybody but Clinton”.  Her monumental litany of lies, distortions and obfuscations over decades in high profile positions should be reason enough to disqualify her for any government position – let alone the Presidency – if for no other reasons than a lack of honesty and ethical behavior.  Not to mention her failure to perform competently in her previous official duties at every level.  Of course in these times all of those faults seem to be a prerequisite for political office.  Her willingness to sell out America while Secretary of State for foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation and her raking in millions of dollars in speaking fees to Wall Street entities have set the greed bar at an astronomic level.  How can such a person be trusted to act in the best interests of America?  The Clintons have at best proved amoral and rapacious and putting the White House back under their control would be disastrous for our nation.

On to Bernie Sanders.  I can understand why young people with a limited knowledge of the negative historical impact of Communism worldwide (due in great part to the Leftist/Socialist infestation of our educational community) ould be attracted to his untruthful portrayal of the Socialist Utopia waiting for all committed believers.  As for the older portion of the faithful, they finally have the chance to vote for a product of the Marxist movement that for so many years has declined to show its true colors.  Yesterday I saw one of the few “Bernie” bumper stickers that I have noted in the past couple of months.  What really had me agape were two of the other stickers that I noted on the same vehicle.  One had to do with “Peace”, the other insisted on “Co-exsistance”.  Considering the brutality of Communism worldwide that has resulted in the death of millions I am unable to fathom the mindset of whoever was driving that car.

What a shame that these two are what the Democratic Party is offering to lead the United States.

The Republicans continue to employ their circular firing squad which has narrowed a hodgepodge assortment of perennial contenders, moderate Governors, and several “outsiders” down to three remaining candidates.

Donald Trump, I am sorry to say, has yet to evince any true leadership qualities but  depends instead on bluster and demagoguery that prove divisive rather than constructing the unity that Republicans need muster in order to win the Presidency.  This would seem both ironic and short-sighted in that the current inhabitant of the White House is the most divisive President we have seen since the Eisenhower era when this particular characteristic began to be measured.  Although he has pinpointed dismay with the current administration’s ineptitude and raised the ire of many citizens to a fever pitch, Trump has yet to promote any concepts or plans to rally moderate Democrats and other voters.  Rabble rousing without solutions, questionable ethics, braggadocio and limited people skills are not reassuring when assessing the minefields both national and international that await the next President.

Ted Cruz has allowed himself to be sucked into Trump’s blame game and is currently mired in the mud pit with the front-runner.  This takes away from Cruz’ arguably better credentials and overshadows his stance as an anti-establishment reformer.  That is unfortunate because Cruz seems to offer some good ideas and potential solutions to employ should he become President.

John Kasich is a sitting Governor for the state of Ohio.  He served nine terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio’s 12th congressional district from 1983 to 2001.[5] His tenure in the House included 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee and six years as chairman of the House Budget Committee. He was a key figure in the passage of both welfare reform and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.  He has been described as a “moderate Republican” and up until this point has won only one state (Ohio) in the delegate race, seemingly unable to connect with voters on a national basis.  He could be reasonably described as part of the “Republican Establishment”.

There is a good chance that the Republican National Convention will be a slugfest in a number of ways, mainly because the GOP establishment is hysterical over the prospect that Trump will have the required votes to qualify for the nomination. That could well precipitate a “brokered convention” that would attempt to award the prize to someone of the party bosses’ preference.  Such an attempt might prove the death knell for the GOP as a national party and ensure another eight years of Democratic mismanagement at the highest levels.  You would think that the GOP could understand that their primary concern would be to defeat Hillary rather than to perpetuate the Party of The Incumbents.

I believe that a ticket of Cruz and Kasich could best accomplish a Republican win. The problem is getting those two to set aside personal ambitions for the good of the nation. When has that ever been a politician’s major concern?

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2 Responses to Time To Begin Sorting Things out

  1. Mike Campbell says:

    If we Republicans can’t unite behind one candidate and win the 2016 Presidential election against the likes of Clinton or Sanders, perhaps our party has lost all relevance. I sincerely hope not for the sake of the nation.
    Should Trump become the eventual victor of the Republican convention I will likely hold my nose and cast my vote for him… For the sake of the nation, but I will be forcing myself to pull that lever. And hope having done so hasn’t worsened the tenuous situation of the party, or our nation.

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