“Battle Lines Being Drawn” (Buffalo Springfield, 1966)

Yesterday in Chicago would appear to be a harbinger of things to come and that bodes ill for America.  The minions of the Left turned out in all their virulent glory to once again clearly demonstrate that their insistence on “tolerance” is hypocrisy in its meanest form. The anarchists were in full cry, rabid in their denouncement of a presidential candidate daring to attempt to hold a rally in one of the most corrupt and failing bastions of Democratic rule in the nation.  All of the enemies of America were on parade, from the ignorant and clueless students to the professional agitators of MoveOn.org (the now openly Communist supporters of the Marxist Bernie Sanders) and the stridently racist groups such as La Raza and Black Lives Matter.  The First Amendment rights of the candidate and his supporters were thoroughly violated through an organized and successful attempt to intimidate a group of citizens whose sole purpose in meeting was to express their political support for a candidate of their choice.

And this farce was crowned by efforts by the demonstrators, the media, and even the so-called Republican candidates Cruz and Rubio to affix the blame for all of the commotion on Donald Trump and his supporters.  The Republican Party has achieved a new low.  One can only speculate on what effect their craven actions might have on the upcoming Republican National Convention to be held in Cleveland, Ohio.  Will busloads of protesters appear in force with their slogans and chants and will the Republicans grovel to their demands and perhaps even cancel the event?

By now there should be no question in any rational person’s mind that the Left (not to mention the Washington Establishment and the Incumbent Party) truly fears the message that Donald Trump has clearly put together and that an increasing number of Americans support: many of us are fed up with being (a) ignored by our so-called leadership and (b) equally resentful of the bullying tactics employed by the numerous special interests groups masquerading under the cover of political correctness.

Rather than coalescing around a common goal to resist the plan to destroy the United States, to prevent the continuance of our decline that electing another Democrat as president (a Communist or a crook?), the Republicans have again constructed a “circular firing squad” to ensure failure in the upcoming election.

Our country has been brought to a tipping point sooner than I expected.  Our enemies, both external and internal, are making bold moves after determining that the internal rot consuming our society has weakened our national resolve to the point that America is ripe for the final “change”.

The war is now out in the open.  Going along to get along should be a thing of the past.  Is it not now obvious that our enemies are never going to be satisfied until our Representative Republic is destroyed and replaced with some form of despotism?  Either we capitulate or resist.

Personally, I plan to be a part of the resistance and will do whatever it takes to defeat whichever Democrat is presented for coronation in November – not to mention targeting for defeat every damned political elite at every level that I can identify.  Bring it on!

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