What Will it Take?

This year’s election process qualifies as a three-ring circus.

The lame duck President, an arrogant, narcissistic, bumbling, incompetent ideologue deserves a spotlight all his own and with the continuing compliant devotion of a sycophantic mainstream media will continue to bask in his delusional self-adulation.

The stultifying Democratic primary features an amoral, cunning harridan with enough negative baggage to overload a pack mule, and a fossilized Socialist stumbling toward dementia whose plans to save America consist of bestowing “free stuff” on adoring millenia and restoring the grandeur of labor unions and assorted remnants of The Communist Party USA – while “Good Ol’ Joe” (the Party’s crazy uncle in the attic) circles the periphery in case of a total meltdown.  Bring in the clowns.

Center ring is occupied by the frenetic Republican Party, currently swirling about the electromagnetic gravitational force generated by the candidacy of Donald Trump.  Obscured in this maelstrom are some reasonably good contenders personified by Dr. Ben Carson, Senators Cruz and Rubio, Carley Fiorina, Gov. Chris Christi and a chorus consisting of some of the perennial aspirants to the Crown.

The stated purpose of this extravaganza is to restore to our United States the world’s respect and economic security that Democratic leadership over the past seven years has carelessly demolished.  There can be no denial that the current administration has alienated many of our traditional allies throughout the world by clumsy diplomacy and outright antagonism while coddling up to some of our most hostile enemies such as Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Russia.  Our general economic structure has been weakened by profligate overspending, mismanagement by the Federal Reserve and other agencies, a severe reduction in the workforce with many giving up the search for a replacement job, the crushing burden emerging from the restructuring of our medical care system, and the unrestrained avarice and carelessness of our major financial institutions.

Many other issues demand attention, not the least of which is the deterioration of the rule of law, the vital component of a free society, through the subversion of our Constitution and the rise of its replacement, the frivolous and erratic rule by man’s willfulness.

What the mainstream media has deliberately avoided is the core problem which has been carefully obscured for decades.  Namely, that the Two Party system is a myth.  In reality, there is but one party in control of our country and that is the Party of the Incumbents.  This monolith consists of elected officials of any party who have holed up in Washington for at least two terms, thereby being indoctrinated in “how Washington works”, a synonym for the endemic corruption fed by hordes of lobbyists and special interest groups and supported by massive amounts of campaign contributions of questionable ethical and legal origin.  The recipients of this largess are further ensnared by the prospects of additional financial enrichment following their departure from “public service” and acceptance into any one of a multitude of high-paying corporate,”non-profit” or “consultative” positions with organizations depending upon government for their livelihood.

This reeking compost heap is avidly supported by legions of federal government employees who can be counted on to steadfastly support any and all members of the political class who toe the line.

So is it any wonder that the American public is not just increasingly outraged, but looking to “outsiders” who are campaigning for the highest office in the land?  Donald Trump has given voice to a massive dissatisfaction with our nation’s government.  65 to 75 per cent of our citizens, according to a recent polls by Gallup and other organizations, lack faith in our government’s ability to solve the problems the nation faces.

This prevailing angst has members of The Establishment (on both sides of the aisle) in a flailing tizzy, including such supposed conservative publications as National Review and The Weekly Standard.  How can voters even consider such a buffoon as Trump? they shrilly demand, not comprehending that they are revealing their previously carefully concealed contempt for the masses.  This is to be expected from the liberal media, but now the depth of corruption has been completely exposed.

Our system of a representative republic is based on the belief that its citizens are capable of making informed and intelligent choices when selecting those who would represent them.  Obviously something has gone wrong.  Elitists, statists and a burgeoning managerial class of self-appointed experts are on the verge of creating the dream of the Social Democrats; a benevolent dictatorship masquerading as a socialist utopia that provides equality for all through crushing taxation and pervasive regulation.

This three-ring show is precariously perched on the brink of a deep and very dark abyss.  May I suggest that in November you think carefully and seriously about who you want to lead America.  Taking the wrong exit out of the tent after the show can prove disastrous.

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2 Responses to What Will it Take?

  1. I completely agree that this year’s candidate crop is not stellar. However, historically speaking, we’ve elected a number of doofuses and dicks before. It didn’t advance many solutions to problems, but it didn’t lead to absolute disaster or collapse either. Both the people, and the Constitution are strong enough to handle electing the “wrong” person.

  2. I sure hope that you are right. Mistakes in the past couple of decades had led us to a place that I find particularly perilous. My concern over danger includes entities both inside and outside America. Strong leadership is a particular necessity at this point, all considered. Hopefully an acceptable choice will emerge prior to the election in November. Thanks for reading and your comments.

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