The Appeal of Donald Trump

It is certainly not his hairstyle, nor the fact that he is rich, nor even the fact that he is a successful businessman.  But Donald Trump continues to lead in the early Presidential race polls and to provoke the establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle into fits of furious and impotent hysteria.

What sets “The Donald” apart from the rest of the generally mediocre pack of Republican Presidential hopefuls is his willingness to say what he believes needs to be said in order to unmask the fact that in truth there is currently only one political party in America; the Incumbent Party.  This far-from-stellar group includes the leadership of both Democrats and Republicans and the vast majority of both the Senate and House.  Their actions (or lack of) over the past couple of decades have constructed the bulk of our nation’s woes, yet the voters for the most part insist on retaining them as elected representatives.

Mr. Trump gleefully holds their feet to the fire, prompting an avalanche of rhetoric and personal attacks from all corners, none of which affects his announced candidacy since he needs neither the approbation of political leaders nor the massive amounts of special interests cash produced through the spurious activities of lobbyists and their wealthy employers.

The disgust and anger that Mr. Trump expresses resonates with many people in America, who feel those same emotions when they are intelligent enough to carefully examine the results of the corruption that infests our government at all levels, along with the accepted pattern of lies and rejection of the rule of law that characterizes the current administration and the burgeoning bureaucracy that it supports.

Donald Trump tells it like he sees it and makes a convincing argument that he has the best interests of all Americans at heart. The latter message is always a staple of the politician, but seldom does it surface once they have achieved power.  Republicans did very well in the last election, but since they have gained control of Congress they have done nothing to repay the trust that voters placed with them.  Instead, they have taken every opportunity to “work with” the Democrats in perpetuating all of the same problems that have continued to grow with implementation of the progressive agenda, perhaps in the futile and forlorn hope that their actions will encourage “conservative Democrats” (is there such a thing anymore) and “moderate Republicans” (RINO’S) to back them when it comes time for reelection.  The more astute voters will probably turn away from this lack of ethical resolve and put simply, cojones.

Is it possible that we may see a President Trump?  I would think it doubtful.  Mr. Trump, admittedly an intelligent and successful businessman, has yet to show the depth of character and political insight that makes for a great leader.  One can incite barn burning, but there had better be a solid and responsible plan for rebuilding.  The worst possible scenario that could result is that “The Donald” is enjoying himself so thoroughly that he engineers a Third Party bid that would almost certainly produce the same results that followed Ross Perot’s candidacy:  another Democratic win and once again the accelerated destruction of America under the “guidance” of another ineffective, lawless and corrupt political hack.

I would suggest to those who are truly concerned with the rebuilding and success of our nation that they investigate Sen. Ted Cruz, who is one of the young firebrands recently elected to bring change to our federal government.  In his book, A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America, Sen. Cruz thoroughly the depth of dysfunction that has become so pervasive in our political system.  He is the only one of the current Presidential hopefuls who has concentrated on explaining his own plans for revival and has studiously avoided attacking Donald Trump.  This act of common sense and self confidence alone should be enough to make this Senator a serious contender.

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