Where is the Outrage?

Once again a United States military facility has been attacked with four unarmed Marines murdered and one member of the U.S. Navy later succumbing to his wounds while several other people were injured.  All of this was accomplished by one gunman, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Yemen whom many have described as someone they would never have suspected of being capable of such an act.  Someone who had grown up in America and had benefited from our society by seemingly adapting to its opportunities, becoming part of his community, graduating from its schools and eventually earning a college degree.

Sound familiar?

And once again the Commander in Chief of our military forces stumbled through a tepid and fumbling speech well after the fact, managing to somehow construct some vague promise that “a thorough investigation will be mounted” without any message to grieving families other than a vapid reassurance that “all America is behind you”.  Of course Mr. Obama had just returned from a “first visit by a sitting President to a federal prison” after commuting the sentences of forty-six convicted drug dealers only a few days before in an effort to draw attention to his perceived need for prison reform.  Perhaps he was worn out from his strenuous efforts to bring justice to our legal system.

At this point the general media reaction echos the Administration’s narrative that although so many of these incidents over the past few years have involved Muslims who were likely inspired by the hate-filled rhetoric of various Middle East jihadists, this most recent assassin, 24 year old Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, is simply another “lone wolf” whose actions cannot be attributed to any connection with jihadist terrorism.  Yet some of his friends have remarked on a “change in behavior” noticed after his return from a lengthy visit to visit relatives Jordan in 2014.  And his father has recently stated that the young man has “suffered from depression for years”.

Whether or not these pieces to the puzzle are alone sufficient to explain why Abdulazeez was motivated to purchase an AK 74 rifle, a shotgun and a pistol and launch a targeted attack against two military recruitment offices is open to question – particularly since the  individual involved holds both U.S. and Jordanian passports even though he is reported to be a “naturalized” American citizen.

Personally, I am beyond being incensed!  I was an Army Recruiter for several years in the early 1970’s when there was some concern for our safety due to the activities of Bill Ayers (now a “retired distinguished Professor of Education” at the University of Chicago and an associate of our current White House resident) and his Weathermen compatriots who had a jolly habit of planting explosives in government offices.  We were regularly advised to inspect our offices and vehicles for the possibility of bombs.  But these days recruiting offices are attacked by gunmen, with even more devastating effects.

Our military personnel are being staked out as sacrificial goats resulting from policies  implemented in March, 1993 by the Clinton administration that denied military personnel the right to carry firearms on a military facility unless they were acting in the capacity of military police or security officers.  So, while here in Maine I am allowed under a recently passed law to carry a concealed weapon without obtaining a permit, a member of the military cannot do the same on government property unless he is part of a police or security force.

Apart from this bureaucratic idiocy, there are at least two major problems: (1) the persistent denial from the Oval Office on down that we are under attack from murderous lunatics whose “religion” dictates that they conceal their intent of carrying out their doctrine of conquest and domination through vicious and indiscriminate attacks against all “infidels” be they military or civilian; (2) the reluctance of our legal system and the “helping professions” to recognize the dangers posed by some of the mentally ill.

I am sure that there are those eager to brand me as an “Islamophobe”.  My reply would be that there are damned few if any Christians, Jews, or Buddhists committing mass murder against men, women and children because their religion demands it.  Nor do most religions depend upon any semblance of the Islamic practice of “taqiyya”, the absolution of lying to any and all infidels in order to lull them into a false sense of security before launching attacks.

Over the last couple of decades the newly discovered “rights” of the mentally ill insisted upon by lawyers, psychologists, sociologists and other assorted “experts” have resulted in nearly impenetrable roadblocks to the involuntary commitment of potentially and in some cases demonstrably violent and dangerous individuals.

The short sighted and simplistic creation of “gun free” zones has provided unlimited opportunities for disaster for those such as Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez who are bent on murder and destruction no matter what the underlying motivation.

We live within the chaotic atmosphere of “the perfect storm”.

After this most recent horrific crime ( that likely will be dismissed by the administration as an aberration or a variation on the “workplace violence” theme) will the public wake up to the fact that the safety of our citizens is not the main concern of our elected officials?

Regretfully, I doubt it.

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1 Response to Where is the Outrage?

  1. Bill Bennett says:

    Pete, thanks for mentioning “TAQIYYA ” in this post. I wish the so called main stream media would pick-up on it as you have. Bill

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