I would like to hope that there are many people other than myself who have struggled over the past six years to comprehend the enigma that is Barack Obama; in particular to make sense over his many actions that appear at odds with the Presidential duties that he supposedly took an oath to uphold.

So many broken promises purportedly based on his system of values that now appear to have been bald lies in light of his insistence on a “my way or the highway” in dealing with the myriad problems that he promised to rectify.  His boast that he would be the “unifying President” when in reality he has done more to damage race and civic relations than any other American holding that high post.  His escalating disdain of constitutional limits and existing law.  His apparently boundless intent to destroy the United States as we know it and replace it with a weakened, divided, and soulless hodgepodge of competing special interests ruled by a self-proclaimed elite devoted to maintaining their privileged status.

Is the decline of the United States entirely due to the self-congratulatory smugness of a delusional segment of our population who chose to overlook immaturity, vanity, inexperience, a considerable history of self-admitted drug abuse, and (possibly) severe character deficiencies bordering on mental illness in order to elect (and equally inexplicably re-elect) “the first Black President”?

Or ………… is there also a more sinister component that contributes to Mr. Obama’s agenda?

David Gelernter, a professor of computer science at Yale, provides an insightful review of the President’s disastrous approach to foreign policy which appears in the March 9, 2015 edition of The Weekly Standard.  Citing Obama’s “deafness to history” as one of his defining traits, Mr. Gelernter goes on to list such items as the dismantling of a hard-won victory in Iraq through a precipitous complete withdrawal of American forces before the crucial political stability necessary for the country’s survival had been sufficiently established and which has led to the reinsertion of U.S. Forces into a seething cauldron of ethnic, political and radical-Islamist conflict.

Also mentioned are the ongoing debacle associated with the murder of American Ambassador to Libya and members of his staff, Obama’s capitulation and subservience to the Iranian dictatorship’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, his pathetic retreat from drawing a “red line in the sand” in an attempt to prevent the President of Syria from employing chemical weapons against his rebellious subjects, and exhibiting his impotence when faced with Vladimir Putin’s bid to reestablish the Russian Empire.

All of this could be chalked up to incompetence, but Mr. Gelernter raises an even more disturbing spectre.

Consider if you will how little we actually know regarding Mr. Obama’s background.  Much of his childhood remains sparsely reported although we know that his father was an African citizen and a subsequent stepfather was a Muslim resident of Indonesia where Obama lived for a number of years before returning to his purported birthplace of Hawaii where he was cared for by his maternal grandparents.  He there led a life of privilege and was indoctrinated with a Marxist ideology during his formative years by Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA (CPUSA) propagandist in Chicago and Hawaii and colleague of journalist Vernon Jarrett, father-in-law of Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett.  Obama’s academic records are screened from public view and few can be found that knew him during his college studies in the U.S.  A lackluster stint as a “community organizer” and an even less sterling brief performance as an Illinois Senator round out his meager qualifications to hold the nation’s highest office.

But what has emerged to provide the foundation for Mr. Obama’s actions as President is his commitment to the philosophy of globalism.

In Mr. Gelernter’s description: “Globalists believe that nations should act together.  Globalists denigrate or dismiss such ideas as national interests, traditional alliances and traditional enmities.  They believe in the interests of ethnic communities or peoples and of the world as a whole, not of old-fashioned nations.  They recoil from traditional alliances, which fracture the seamless world community into small-scale liaisons.  Because they reject national interests, they reject traditional enmities.  And naturally globalists believe in international organizations, and the inevitability, in the long-term, of the whole world uniting.  They see Europe as the world’s most sophisticated place by far, and the EU as the obvious model and advance guard for world unity.”

Now up until this point, I find myself saying, “Damn!  This old boy has a point!  Obama’s machinations and screwups might be attributed to just that!”  Not only that, if you view the Democratic elitists as a group, they fit into that concept just fine – and there are a good many capitalists on both sides of the aisle who could be stacked in that wagon as well.

But if we carry all of this a step further, let’s not overlook the Marxists (who at this point seem to have married up with the current Progressive movement) and lo and behold, what do we have?  Yup, the worldwide crew that runs not only the EU but also the varying “democracies” that all have the same plan for the rest of us – subjugation!  Of course the advocates for the New Caliphate have their own methods of achieving domination.  All of it being for our own good, you understand.

One thing you can say for nationalists; they tend to stand in the way of all of the above.

Give you a little to think about?


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