Our Divided Nation

How ironic that when he was elected Barack Obama had made a great show of promising to unite America and thereby won the support of legions of gullible voters who viewed him as the answer to all of our problems.  They were convinced that by simply electing a black (or mixed race) president who gave great teleprompter speeches racial animosity would miraculously vanish.

But what did the true life, real-time version of their hopes and dreams of a leader that would lead them to their Utopian paradise deliver?  Let us count the disappointments.

Obama and his administration have made a mockery of his promise of “the most transparent administration ever”.  One need look no further than the political chicanery, lies and obfuscation surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the numerous current scandals and coverup attempts than to realize that our current government is perhaps the most closeted, dishonest, opaque administration in recent memory.

Obama and the Democratic leadership has made much of the oppression by the rich of the American people.  The wealthy, they maintain, embody evil and (despite all of the jobs that the bad guys use their money to create through normal business activities) are directly responsible for America’s economic woes because of their innate selfishness.  Wall Street has become the ultimate negative icon, a standard feature in their rants despite the enormous amounts of that tainted money having found its way to Democratic campaign coffers in good part because of the incessant presidential fund-raisers that host many of those reviled Wall Street entities.  And the stirring of the bubbling cauldron of class envy expands through the administration’s insistence that a massive increase in the minimum wage will “even the playing field”, even though these entry-level jobs are not a designed as a career for the average job seeker.

Government benefit programs are increasingly targeted to support the non-contributing members of our society, while those who receive benefits from contributory programs such as Medicare and Social Security are castigated for their “entitlement” mentality.  The old are labeled “greedy” and thus pitted against the young, who are informed that they will be the ones who have to pay for the “luxuries” enjoyed by the elderly.

Those who enjoy the stability of government employment, those who selected to staff the offices of politicians, those who are appointed as “expert advisers” to the ruling class, the secluded scions of academia protected from the rough and tumble arena of everyday life help comprise the “elite” who accept their elevated status over the common folk as their right to rule.  And damn the consequences of their often utopian and ill-advised decisions that affect others far more than themselves.

Last, but far from least, is the building volcano of racial tensions, exacerbated by Mr. Obama and his so-called “Justice Department”.  The actions of Obama and Eric Holder in regard to recent fatal confrontations between police have not served to reduce tensions but have resulted in exactly the opposite effect.  Additional gasoline has been thrown on this conflagration by defacto White House intimates such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Above all, Obama and his administration, enablers and supporters have created an enormous rift between the government and a majority of its citizens.  Trust in government is at an all time low.

The self-proclaimed “great unifier” has proved to be anything but and it will be a long time before the damage he has done to the United States both at home and abroad can be abated.


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2 Responses to Our Divided Nation

  1. Mike says:

    Even before his ascension as president of the “most transparent administration ever”,Obama’s own history was scrubbed of any embarrassing personal background. His supporters should have realized then something was seriously amiss with his candidacy.
    Matt Gruber was correct

    • The truly unfortunate thing is that Obama supporters were so entranced with the idea of a “black president” that they would have excused anything in his background short of murder – and I really am not sure that would have disqualified him in their eyes.

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