Election Reflections

All alliteration aside ……..

I am particularly pleased with election results here in my home state of Maine where not only was a Republican Governor who was constantly under attack by the Democrats and all manner of special interests convincingly reelected, but also the State Senate returned to the control of  Republicans.  In our state contests for the U.S. Senate and House, Democrats were defeated in two out of three races.  Not bad for a state that has in recent years been trumpeted by Democrats as turning blue.

This past election featured the nastiest TV ad campaigns that I can ever recall.  Not only were the usual obfuscations, insinuations and downright lies employed.  One ad sponsored by a national Democratic political action committee went so far as to boldly accuse the sitting Governor of  being “the craziest Governor in the country” according to a national media source.  Millions and millions of dollars from out of state organizations were spent by the Democrats and their traditional allies such as unions of all stripes, welfare advocates, their associated corporate entities, and various special interest groups.

There was, of course, a particular problem for Democrats seeking elective offices. It finally became evident that when the party’s “heavy hitters” such as Mr. Obama and his wife, along with the Clintons (all showing up separately) appeared at campaign rallies  their presence failed to produce the hoped for results.  This was not limited to Maine, since it appears that all across America an appearance by these “leaders” did nothing to secure a victory.  Obamacare, anyone?

After the votes were tallied, only seventeen of our fifty states are now governed by Democrats.

In so many cases those running on the Democratic ticket had little or no record to make their platform appealing.  Here in Maine, for instance, the sitting Governor was challenged by a political hack, who during his sixteen years as a U.S. Congressman had not only never been listed as a sponsor for any piece of legislation but also had been a reliable rubber stamp for any and all of the failed policies that have come to characterize the Democratic Party and its titular leader.  The challenger for the Senate seat held by Susan Collins had no political experience other than heading up the Maine Civil Liberties Union and upon close examination turned out to be a flaming Liberal with an unpleasant tendency toward groundless accusations (surprise!).  The Democratic candidate for the open House seat was a seasoned member of the Maine Legislature who desperately attempted to run away from her legislative record by obfuscation, personal attacks against the sitting Governor and some whopping misrepresentations.

Nationally?  The Democrats lost control of the Senate and came out even further behind in the House of Representatives.  It gives me great pleasure to savor the fact that Harry Reid, that weaselly little troll who has done so much damage to America during his reign as Senate Majority Leader, can now look forward to sitting by and eating his liver while the Senate finally opens up to legislation that has the potential to help us all.  Reid was personally responsible for the log jam of over two hundred bills that piled up as he denied their hearing on the Senate floor, simply because they were advanced through the Republican-controlled House.  May the good people of Nevada finally have enough common sense to send that traitorous bastard off to an undeserved retirement come the next opportunity.

I would, however, insist that the Republican Party not interpret this very significant turn of events as a mandate that they govern according to their long held establishment policies and procedures.  Many of the winners of the national contests will be new to their powerful positions and there are those among them who bring to the table alternatives to the dogmatic reliance that cost the Republicans so much ground in the last decade and contributed to the rise of the current would-be emperor who inhabits the White House.

Rush Limbaugh made accurate observation recently.  He maintained that the Republicans have not been given a mandate to govern, but instead have been elected to slow (or perhaps even halt) Obama’s planned disintegration of our country through the erosion of the values that still act as a beacon for so many of those in the world who seek freedom and opportunity.

Republicans have an opportunity, but they must prove to a public disenchanted with our national leadership in general that they will learn from the failures of the past and begin to build a government that will listen to the people and begin a new chapter that will address the needs of our country.  Only through true leadership and wise choices will they be able to capitalize on their recent gains.

We will be watching.

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