Is This The Change That You Want?

When the current President gained control of our government he promised change.  What he failed to make clear was that the changes he intended would be implemented with or without the acceptance of the majority of the voters.

There can be little doubt by now that the America known by our older generations is no longer the powerful country that exerted unmatched influence throughout the world.  What lies instead is a country now notable for the dissolution of its moral, social and ethical fabric which provided the cement which endowed our citizens with the strength necessary to successfully withstand the vicissitudes engendered by environmental and political (both internal and external) events.

There is perhaps no better indication of the extent of this deterioration than the visible lack of the sense of community that for so long gave individuals the feeling of being attuned to their surroundings.  Fraternal and social organizations, once a mainstay of the social life of a community are experiencing severe problems in maintaining enough of an active membership to continue their activities.  The majority of their members are older, some to the point of no longer being physically able to contribute, others succumbing to the lure of dozing before the undemanding glow of a television screen or the lassitude that grows like encroaching moss when the mind and body are not actively engaged with their surroundings.

Few organizations can report youthful recruits.  The glittering allure of electronic communications such as Facebook, Twitter, email, online news, blogs and other  proponents of “information” have attracted the attention of much of the population aged fifty and under, subverting the motivation for the face-face-contact that generates more solid social skills such as insight, empathy and the ability to converse across the social spectrum.  The need for social graces and manners is not only reduced, but the sense of shared values is diminished.

My small town in Maine has seen considerable growth in the number of new, expensive houses over the last decade.  These dwellings tend to sprout “For Sale” signs on a regular basis as their occupants leave their local jobs after a few years while pursuing their                goals of attaining financial and social success.  Their major contribution to the community seems to consist mainly of their demands for ever-increasing support from schools and other services, voted in by these newcomers and remaining long after their departure.  This significant number of transients does not tend to be joiners unless it involves a special interest group that will fit their perceived needs.

I recently listened to someone recounting how unhappy a high school student was who could not receive his diploma from a local school until he completed a required (but not for credit) period of “public service”.  I must confess that this story left me with conflicting feelings; surprise over the fact that such commitments would now be a part of our educational processes (with some dismay regarding what might constitute acceptable activities considering the political agendas of those who are tasked with the education of our young people), but also a wry appreciation that at least someone was attempting to instill a sense of community in our youth.

A more unsettling issue recently was brought to my attention by acquaintances who have vehemently expressed dissatisfaction with the new management of our local Community Services organization.  This non-profit entity, independent from local government, had for years provided services such as meeting space for local civic organizations, a food pantry for the needy, a Thrift Shop, a Teen Center and other benefits that were supported by donations from charitable groups, individuals, and funds generated through its own activities.  Now under new management by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, numerous community groups have discovered to their dismay that they can not afford the increased fees to rent space, or have been told that the Center staff would not be available to supervise after-hours meetings (a new requirement stemming from expanded regulations surrounding its use).

And therein lies the problem.  The new administration has fervently pursued federal funding to “assist” the Center’s operational costs and along with the “free” money came the plethora of requirements generated by far away bureaucrats who delightedly plucked the operational reins from the hands of the local organizers who had structured a valuable asset to a small community, one that served rather than dictated to the local beneficiaries.

Consider if you will that the openly stated goal of the current president/dictator is to remake our nation.  What was not made clear is that the “change” was to be implemented through the trojan horse technique of masking conquest under the guise a of gift (in this case benefits).

This sweeping revision cannot be brought about without destroying the individuality of our national ethos.  If you are willing to lose everything that has made America a unique opportunity for mankind to build upon, then by all means vote Democratic in the upcoming mid-term elections.  Support the despots and revel in the continuing decline of the United States.



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