A Must Read

Never have I seen a more concise article regarding the current Israel/Gaza ongoing crisis than a recent editorial by Charles Krauthammer.  There is an enormous amount of misinformation being spread about that conflict, primarily designed to fuel the virulent anti-Israel prejudice that has long been propagated by the Leftist community that also rabidly fosters anti-Americanism.

Only yesterday the local TV news stations were happily broadcasting footage of a handful of anti-Israel protesters (who looked to be pretty much leftover flower children from the 1960’s invasion of Maine) busily trying to convince passersby in Portland’s Monument Square that Israel was wantonly murdering Palestinian children at every given opportunity.

I strongly suggest that the following article by Charles Krauthammer be perused: http://www.fayobserver.com/opinion/national_columns/charles-krauthammer-moral-clarity-in-gaza/article_802e1fbf-5bf3-503d-a6ff-03a780d05a70.html if one is interested in truth.  He supplies an excellent perspective, provided that the reader has even a sliver of an open mind.

By the way, Hamas in the last week directed three missiles (out of hundreds of missiles and rockets launched from sites situated in the middle of heavily populated areas of Palestine, using Palestinians of all ages as human shields) at the Israeli nuclear reactor facility located in Dimona.  Had this attack penetrated past the Iron Dome (Israel’s antimissile shield), both Israel and Palestine could well have been rendered uninhabitable for many years to come with immediate enormous loss of life all around.

Can anyone think of a better reason for keeping nuclear weapons capability out of the hands of Iran, the country which supplies the majority of Hamas’ rocket and missile arsenal?

How on earth can any rational person support the homicidal madmen who control the terrorist groups who are dedicated to the destruction of any semblance of freedom-centered government in the Middle East?

Or for that matter, support the closet Muslim inhabiting the White House who has openly and repeatedly stated his intent to remake America into a twisted version of his anti-American philosophy.

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