The Destruction of America Continues

Barack Obama promised change and he is delivering on that promise.  Unfortunately for America, Mr. Obama fed the voters a load of fertilizer that was eagerly accepted as perfume and rolled in accordingly by the guilt-laden, the gullible and the avaricious to the extent that this snake oil salesman has been given additional time to wreak vengeance on a society that he regards as being the mother lode of the causes of every problem in the world.

Mr. Obama has actually made a statement to the effect that now that he does not have to be concerned with reelection he can do and say what he really feels and he is wasting little time in implementing previously hidden agendas that he was initially unwilling to share with the public.  He has boldly made clear his plans to “use my telephone and my pen” to circumvent both Congress and established law in numerous instances, but in no case more egregiously than his contributions to the ongoing immigration crisis.

Under his guidance and control, our borders have been opened to thousands of illegal immigrants from South and Central America, not to mention any and all other individuals with potentially dangerous intent who rush to take advantage of the chaos along our southern border.

There are those among the “children” flooding into the United States who carry diseases that we had previously eradicated or brought under control within the bounds of our nation.  There are hardened criminals between the ages of 15-18 who eagerly disappear into our cities only to resurface as gang members or servants of the drug cartels.  These individuals are deliberately being distributed by the government via airplane and bus into our major population centers (in many instances without notification of the local and state governing authorities involved) and instructed to check  in with local immigration authorities within the next few weeks …. or months … or whatever.  Good luck with that!

Many of these young people – along with some adults – are quickly and secretively packed into internment camps for processing and provided with food, shelter, medical care and even attorneys to insure that their “rights” are not neglected (this while our service men and women generally are left to fend for themselves after returning from deployment without jobs and frequently with medical needs that an increasingly scandal-ridden Veterans Administration has ignored for years).  These “refugee centers”, some of which are located on military installations, are under lock down, with no admittance allowed to the media and staffers are threatened with immediate dismissal and possible retaliation for any “breach of security”.

Obama has demanded billions of dollars in “emergency funding”, none of which is being allocated to military installations tasked to deal with this influx of illegals, or even to fund increased border protection, but instead is being shoveled out to selected “non-profit organizations”.

This massive problem is a result of Obama’s willingness to invoke rule by fiat if some of his pet projects are blocked by a Congress unwilling to support his attempts to override the rule of law in his well-planned assaults on the stability of America and his headlong rush to make sure that our country is dislodged from its leadership position that the world has come to depend on.  For many, encouraging unlimited entry across our borders is insane and suicidal, a guarantee that charity will become entitlements that subsidize indolence, but for a man intent on weakening the moral and economic fiber of a society that he was taught from an early age to despise it is simply on more step on the progressive agenda.

America faces this unprecedented border and security crisis while the economy still struggles.  Scandal after scandal emerges from the most corrupt administration in history.  The Middle East is going up in flames.  Former friends and allies are hastily exploring alliances with those who do not have our best interests at heart.

And yet Obama and the Democratic leadership remain determined to chart a course determined to promote the interests of those who see themselves benefiting from “globalization” while increasing the numbers of those who are least likely to take part in the labor force along with the growing number of government workers who service them.

Meanwhile our so-called “President” divides his time between the golf course (150 rounds as of November, 2013) and fund-raising appearances.


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4 Responses to The Destruction of America Continues

  1. mike says:

    Admittedly I have been out of the loop on information regarding the most recent news of the immigration “crisis”. What I have learned today from a number of sources, yours included, have alarmed me to say the least. I understand Lynn, Ma. has been overwhelmed by the influx of recent South and Central American “refugees”. All facilities to house, cloth, feed, educate and legally defend their rights.
    I have fully expected to see these same refugees make a midnight flight under the cover of darkness to Portland, Lewiston, or Bangor to be welcomed by the open arms of the likes of Mayor Brennan of Portland.
    No matter the Governor has pledged to withhold funds to support illegal aliens, Obama has procured sufficient funds to handle that. No matter there is no money available to keep Maine’s retirement homes afloat or repair our crumbling bridges and roads or even provide decent jobs for our youth. Nope, nothing to see here folks. Just keep moving along.

    Coming very soon to a city very near you. Keep up the good work Pete.

  2. Thanks for reading and your perceptive comments, Mike. I would be surprised if Mayor Brennan of “San Francisco East” has not already lobbied for a contingent of illegals to be sent to Portland (to be supported at taxpayer expense, of course) to underline his Liberal compassion for the underprivileged. To have simply destroyed our southern border security is insanity by any definition and no other country has so thoroughly implemented such foolhardy policies. “Divide and destroy” is the mantra of this current administration and it shows by its every action.

  3. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.

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