For  years now I had questioned the growing opinions that I heard from sources I consider both right and left of center that America is descending into the grip of at least an “administrative state” and at worst a “police state”.  I have clung to the forlorn hope that  the majority (perhaps?) of our citizens are essentially decent, hard-working people who want the best for our country and its future will recognize the subversive elements, the corruption, dishonesty, self-interest and pettiness that has permeated our government and characterizes numerous politicians who have forgotten that their positions were created in order to represent and serve the citizens of our United States.

Politics can sometimes be a generative force for greatness, for self-sacrifice, for leadership and for good deeds.  Unfortunately, mankind being what it is, there is also the strong potential for avarice, egotism, manipulation and despotism, just to highlight a few of the pitfalls.

I recently had the pleasure to peruse an excellent piece by a very promising young writer that can be viewed at  This brief essay clearly points out the differences between democracy and a constitutional republic (our actual form of government) and should be a required reading assignment for any civics course at any level.

Ms. Amy Lutz has pinpointed the problems created by our last few decades of a march toward totalitarianism here in America, culminating in the election of a President whose stated goal is to turn the United States into a eurosocialist component of the “new world order” so avidly sought by the current inheritors of the Communist manifesto.  You reject this evaluation?  Take the time to review the American Communist Party goals listed in The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen and introduced into the Congressional Record — Appendix, pp.A34-A35, January 10, 1963:  The subversion has been active for over a century and the activities of the American Communist Party have successfully integrated the followers of their manifesto into federal and state governments, academia, unions and even churches (see:

The blatant power grab underway by the current administration and its Democratic supporters has but one goal: subjugation.  This goal is unfortunately supported by some Republicans and self-professed Libertarians, leaving what is probably the majority of the taxpaying public without means to slow or halt this erosion of our unique form of government and our God-given rights as citizens.

Assaults on these rights are mounting on a daily basis, although sparsely reported by the mainstream media who remain in thrall of their idolized choice for President no matter how outrageous his actions (or lack thereof).  The militarization of supposedly separate civilian police forces – particularly in the area of SWAT and other reaction teams – continues, as well as the arming of many administrative components of the federal government such as DHHS, the Postal Service, the IRS and the Department of Education.

The definition of heroes has been thoroughly rewritten by an administration that venerates those espousing the venality of corporate America, “pioneers” in some exotic form of separatism, the victims whose plight could have been averted by higher government spending – the resentful, the aggrieved, the dependent and the poverty-stricken.  Those are the “heroes” for the Obama followers, those sycophants who eagerly surrender freedom and personal responsibility in return for the largesse offered by the oppressors in disguise.

Those who prefer to make their own lives, maintain their own families, support their own communities and honor the sacrifices of those who built America and maintain its safety are now often vilified by those (see:  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc.) who swore an oath to serve their fellow citizens and their nation, but instead willfully trample the intent of representative government.

Ronald Reagan was not bashful about espousing the quaint notion that politicians are public servants and not overlords or elitists who had the duty to oversee and control subjects “for their own good”.

Our freedoms as Americans have lasted for several centuries, but will soon be but a memory unless we once again reject those who would apply the manacles of repression under the guise of engineering a utopian society.

Freedom is always subject to attack and this has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout history.  The question, as always remains:  are we willing to fight to preserve what has been won for us at such great cost by preceding generations?


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