Happy With the Permanent Ruling Class?

By now there should be little question in any American citizen’s mind that the greatest problem in Washington has been and is the establishment of a Permanent Ruling/Political Class.  Nowhere is this more apparent than through the actions of the current President and his administration.  Mr. Obama flagrantly disregards the rule of law almost on a daily basis and the rank odor of favoritism and corruption swirls around the White House with a fetid and heavy presence that darkly disfigures the halls of government.

But, to be fair, the forerunner of this imperial presidency can be discerned during the days of John F. Kennedy and his princess bride, when a swooning press and public blindly disregarded the personal and political weaknesses of the Golden Son of the Democratic Party and America’s decline in world prestige began.  Our current “Camelot” bears more of a resemblance to Detroit than the fairy tale world of King Arthur.

Nonetheless, the miserable current state of affairs cannot be laid solely on the lap of the current administration.  To realize the extent of the rot that has permeated our government one has only to consider the “early leaders” for the 2016 presidential elections.  Hillary Clinton?  If ever there was a worse choice in such a dire time for intelligent, ethical, efficient leadership it would be hard to top this cold, calculating, connected political insider who has managed, at best, a mediocre performance in every responsible position that she has been handed.  And yet, there have been women within the Republican establishment who have been overheard insisting that Ms. Rodham Clinton “deserves” the presidency “for what she has been through”.  May God help us if the election hinges on the votes of such nincompoops.

And from the Republican side?  The early breathless chatter and support from supposedly heavy financial hitters revolves around Jeb Bush.  Can anyone think of a more divisive choice than yet another member of a family who has engendered such antagonism from a variety of political camps?  If this is the best that the GOP can offer, then they might just as well prepare for yet another eight years of futile posturing.  Since they never seem to learn from their past mistakes, defeat is indeed a prospect.

It is long past time for the GOP to enter into some serious soul-searching over what they actually believe in as a party.  Their propensity for eating their own seems to grow with every election and is evidence of their involvement in the culture of the Ruling Class elitism, just as the same applies to their supposed antagonists of the Democratic Party.  To anyone outside of the Beltway in-group, the time has come where it is difficult to make much distinction between the two Parties – particularly when both express nearly identical loathing of citizen groups such as the Tea Party.

“Gridlock” is the appellation applied to Washington’s attempts to solve our country’s problems and when one considers the hundreds of solutions submitted through the House of Representatives only to disappear into the steadily growing logjam engineered by Harry Reid the supposed Senate Leader it becomes increasingly obvious that such obstruction is only possible through the collaboration of a majority of the members of Congress.

We need look no further for verification than the recent proclamation of Rep. Jim Moran: “I think the American people should know the members of Congress are underpaid,” Moran, D-Va., told CQ Roll Call. “I understand that it’s widely felt they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.”


Former Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuno, could not have been more precise when he spoke of the future of this Caribbean island: “… every jurisdiction in the world should follow the same rules that a traditional family or business owner follows: not to spend more than you take in , allow people to do what they do best. and try not impose government on their ingenuity and their will.  They’ll succeed.  Do the opposite and you’re not only imposing on their freedom, but you’re imposing a set of values not shared by the majority of people”.

The Governor was preparing to tackle the nearly insurmountable task of rescuing Puerto Rico from a crumbling economy and a $3.3 billion deficit, a 15.2 percent unemployment rate (even though 30 percent of the island’s adults are employed by the government – an enormous, unionized public sector that consumes $10 billion worth of government annually with revenues of only $8.5 billion a year to pay for it) and 51 per cent of its residents on welfare.  He made marked progress during his term, but in 2012 was unseated through the efforts of the public-sector unions who enjoyed critical assistance from their mainland allies.

Sound familiar?

Jim DeMint, former Congressman and current President of the Heritage Foundation, has spotlighted the feelings of superiority and contempt which have become the hallmark of many politicians, lobbyists, “think tanks” and their wealthy patrons (the “rich” who lend support in major to Democrats, despite what Liberals would like you to believe).

Mr. DeMint highlights the “special treatment” showered upon Obama constituents (and members of Congress and their staffs)  not only through the subsidies of Obamacare, but also including subsidies, grants, tax breaks and waivers for favored companies, unions (remember the GM and Chrysler bailouts of 2009 that provided billions of dollars of auto company stock and preservation of union members’ high pay and benefits?), organizations and individuals.

He cites the “we know what ‘s best for you” arrogance of the “elites” from great matters to small – mandating ethanol inclusion in gasoline, banning the inexpensive, safe, traditional light bulbs that we have used all our lives and of course the ever-growing intrusion of the Environmental Protection agency into both business and personal lives.

And there are those legislators who abuse their offices by employing family members at high salaries, buying portraits of themselves and flying around the world under the pretense of “fact-finding”.  They are, of course, simply following the example set by a Chief Executive and his family who have enjoyed numerous multimillion-dollar vacations at taxpayer expense, including countless golf excursions.

I’m done, I guess.  If you blood isn’t boiling by now then any additional examples are not going to convince you of the problems that beset our politics at every level.  Not all politicians are this corrupt, venal and contemptuous of their constituents, of course.  And yet, even though Congressional approval ratings are in the single digits the voters keep on electing the same people.

Things will not change until the public takes the time to gauge politicians for what they can do for the country as a whole, not just the grasping, selfish, “What’s in it for ME!” crowd that throws their vote to any panderer who will promise to increase entitlements.


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