One By One

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted March 21-April 8, 2013 “Americans continue to hold the military in high regard, with more than three-quarters of U.S. adults (78%) saying that members of the armed services contribute “a lot” to society’s well-being”.

The United States military has generally placed high in the Top Ten occupational listings.  Journalists, lawyers and politicians are found to cluster in the lower tiers of such rankings.  It should therefore come as no surprise that a concerted effort is being made by the current administration and its lap-dogs in the media to diminish the public trust in the military, hoping to thereby facilitate this current administration’s efforts to remake our country into a benevolent dictatorship with a low international profile.

Such a goal cannot be met without neutering our armed forces, thus negating America’s status as a world power and a player on the international stage.  Within the last couple of years a significant number of flag rank officers have been summarily dismissed from the military, generally under questionable circumstances centering around “improprieties” that are routinely ignored if performed by civilian leadership.  There are rumors that the military leaders were targeted for “retirement” after being tested for “loyalty” by being asked the question “under martial law, would you instruct troops under you to fire on American civilians if ordered to do so?” and replying in the negative if they deemed such an order unlawful.

Our current “Commander -in-Chief” is clear in his lack of understanding and respect for the military and it has surfaced in many ways.

First, he has instigated deep cuts in the defense budget in order to increase his spending on social programs (in collusion with Democratic leadership – and, deplorably, some Republicans) with the perhaps the goal of ensuring that one half of the nation is drawing unemployment and food stamps and the other half in college, subsidized by the minority that is lucky enough to be able to find employment.  Some of the money that could have been used to discourage our enemies and make sure that the sea lanes remain open has been slated for the hiring of “navigators” to aid those who are having difficulty in unlocking the myriad mysteries of Obamacare.

Second, our military forces are scheduled to undergo massive personnel cuts after having already suffered attrition due to the prolonged and repeated deployments that have sapped the energy and resilience of our troops and their families.  Making matters worse, our president has made it crystal clear that he has little respect for or belief in the lethal engagements that have occupied our military for the past decade or more.  All of this has resulted in the degradation of the previous trust and respect that our allies have held for us, coupled with the growing absence of fear of our military power evinced by our enemies (Vladimir Putin, anyone?).

Third, the ending of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the last remaining barrier to open homosexuality within the military, which means that everyone in the armed forces is now forced to share all the intimacies of sharing of spaces such as showers and sleeping quarters with others who consider them sex objects.

Adding to sexual tension is the mandated insertion of females into all nearly military occupations, with the last frontier of combat arms such as Infantry, Armor and Artillery – not to mention Special Operations – soon to be invaded.  Only those with a lack of military experience in those areas are willing to ignore that our combat readiness will be degraded through the actions of the politically correct and rear-echelon courtiers who strive to advance their personal goals rather than dedicate their careers to winning battles.

Fourth, for members of the military who seek solace from the pressures of their existence through traditional contact with military chaplains, going just got tougher.  Radical secularists in the civilian leadership contingent have put tremendous pressure on military chaplains to cleanse their work of all religious content.  So a “military chaplain” is now effectively an oxymoron?  There is a “twofer” if ever there was one, undermining both the military structure and religion at once.

Perhaps worst of all is the engineered, rapidly expanding gulf between the general public and the military.  With no draft and limited participation of its citizens in the defense of their well being, fewer and fewer Americans have contact with or understand the military.

And, thanks to Sec. 605 of the renewal of the Patriot Act, a “uniformed federal police force” has been created.  Along with the expanded powers (including the authorization of warrantless searches) and massive ammunition purchases by the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Social Security Administration, the IRS and other government agencies, our self-proclaimed ruler has the makings of a private Army beholden only to the Executive Branch.  Nervous yet?One By One

The machinations of our self-crowned American monarch continue apace.  With no need to face the voters again, he has finally displayed his intent to create a socialist paradise (read: dictatorship) under which this once proud nation will be reduced to the Marxist commonality suffered by European states such as France and the Netherlands, along with numerous Caribbean and Central and South American countries.  All while overlooking the very real dangers to our sovereignty lurking in the world around us and the increasing threats of economic and cyber warfare designed to erode our rapidly diminishing sphere of influence around the planet.

Thus are the societal pillars that support America systematically destroyed.


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