Under The Gun

In case you have missed it, the alteration of our Representative Republic is proceeding apace.  The Progressives are nearing their goal of transforming America into the “higher form of freedom” promoted by the early nineteenth century German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel (influenced by Jean-Jacques Rousseau) who postulated that by abandoning the antiquated ideas and traditions of the past and giving the government unlimited authority over the lives of individuals, society would thereby benefit from the subjection of the individual will to the “collective will of society” thereby achieving ” a higher form of freedom”.

American Progressive acolytes of Rousseau studied in Germany and were taught by students of Hegel. They then brought the German model of education and German political ideas back to America with them and established Ph.D. programs in several areas of study, producing a new generation of professors and students who sought to replace the principles of the Founding Fathers with the new Progressive teachings on politics. These ideas, mixed with Darwinism and a deep faith in science, form the roots of modern American Liberalism.

Abandoning the antiquated ideas and traditions of the past were understood by the Left to mean destroying the pillars of American exceptionalism, which not only meant the abolishment of Constitutional government, but also weakening religion, education, the rule of law and the reputation of societal strengths such as the military, free enterprise and self-governance – all of which have been to some degree accomplished.  The recent corruption and politicization of governmental agencies such as the IRS, EPA and DEA has further exacerbated the decline of trust in equal treatment under the law and tarnished the image our nation’s competence to regulate the individual freedoms promised under the Bill of Rights.

Further degradation of society’s collective benefits such as security and economic growth is necessary in order to further dependence upon the all-powerful state for the basics of life and the debasement of our economic structure is an ongoing part of that effort.

The wraps have now come off the plans by the Democrat/Progressive/Leftist cabal to transform America.  They sense victory.  But there is a major impediment beginning to arise and, ironically, it is of the Left’s own making.

For the past five years, the Democrats have derided any opposition to their last building block designed to enable the state to gain control of the last major societal benefit – health care.  Obamacare was designed to forge the last link to a complete takeover by “the experts”, the central planners, disciples of Herr Hegel.  Pay no attention to the critics of the Affordable Health Care Act, insist the Democrats; after all they have no alternative plan and that proves that we know best.

Of course that has been an ongoing bald-faced lie, buttressed by the despicable troll of the Senate, Harry Reid, who lurks under the bridge spanning the moat surrounding the castle of Obama’s signature legislation (created in backrooms by Reid and Nancy Pelosi), ever-ready to leap out and devour any attempt to bring actual health care reform through real bi-partisan discussion and action.

But wait; what appears on the horizon?

A proposal unveiled in late January by Senators Tom Coburn, Richard Burr and Orin Hatch is indeed a serious and practical health-care alternative to the bumbling, unenforceable Frankenstein of Obamacare.  Details can be found at http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2014/01/27/senate-republicans-develop-the-most-credible-plan-yet-to-repeal-and-replace-obamacare/.

Democrats have panicked in response and with the help of their lap-dog media allies such as the New York Times and Washington Post are mounting the usual smear campaign characterized by lies, half-truths and obfuscation.

So the opposition to Obamacare is not only needed just for relief of a truly onerous regulatory nightmare, it is one of the last bulwarks against the imposition of a socialist state that has emerged as the Holy Gail of the Democratic Party.

America was never meant to be a nation constrained by one-party rule.  Our intent was to be a government “of the people, by the people, for the people”, as delineated by Abraham Lincoln during his Gettysburg Address 150 years ago ……. not of the elite, by the elite, for the elite which is the direction in which we are now headed.

I hope that enough people agree so that the Progressives’ plan for all of us can be thwarted this coming November, when your vote will be very, very important.

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