It Is Never Enough

One of the foremost accusations employed by the Left is the constantly reiterated mantra of, “The right is completely unwilling to compromise and insists on ‘my way or the highway'”.  It is reasonable to assume that whatever complaint the Left chooses for its attack du jour  reflects the insidious tactics that they have baldly practiced for years and are employing this time worn but effective practice of charging others with misbehavior in order to shift attention from their own activities.

Such a depiction will certainly engender hysterical denial from the Obama crowd and its sycophants, but I offer as proof the most recent proclamation from Andrew Cuomo, New York State’s governor and Bloomberg’s nanny-successor, regarding Republican opposition to his agenda.

“Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault weapon, anti gay?  Is that who they are?  Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Ah, if you do not agree with one of the icons of modern liberalism then you are not welcome in “Mr. Cuomo’s neighborhood” and should make immediate plans to reside elsewhere (or be relocated by jack-booted members of the Governor’s task force for political correctness?).

Mr. Cuomo, through exaggeration and identity politics, has managed to vilify anyone not in favor of abortion at any level of pregnancy, desiring to maintain their 2nd Amendment Rights (for the one-thousandth time, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon” –  an appellation which could conceivably cover anything from a cap-and-ball musket to a kitchen fork if used in an assault) and those who for any reason do not emphatically embrace the “alternative lifestyle” of homosexuality.

Now I am speculating that in the entire state of New York there must be a few people who fit part or all of that criteria.  And their elected representative has just made it abundantly clear that he has no intent to represent those citizens and indeed believes that they should be treated as indecent and illegitimate and not only ostracized but banished from the realm of the enlightened and tolerant.

At least Mr. Cuomo has tossed away the mask that Liberal progressive Democrats prefer to utilize in hiding their basic desire to dictate and control.  Indeed, to find a more flamboyant example of arrogance and imperialism one would probably have to visit a certain Pennsylvania Avenue location.

But this should come as no real surprise.  Democratic intransigence, ambition and ruthlessness in promoting their “humanitarian” projects such as income equality, abortion rights, “social justice”, non-discrimination (applied to a galaxy of minority considerations) and the growth of the welfare state have expanded to the point where there are no recognizable boundaries.

And yet the demands increase – the latest unfathomable extension being the insistence of the Obama nation that quitting one’s job in order to obtain Obamacare is actually a gift of freedom for those sensitive souls who suffer “job lock” from the demands of an unpalatable work opportunity.

America is descending into a Orwellian dictatorship that “Newspeak” failed to picture, yet for the Democratic progressive Left no attempt at restoring sanity is deemed acceptable. Compliance is demanded, but even when delivered turns out to be “never enough”.



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2 Responses to It Is Never Enough

  1. One of the things I like about New Yorkers is that they take unsubtle positions and aren’t afraid to say so. It’s refreshing, even if I don’t agree. You know where they stand.

    Personally I’m pragmatic. Abortion is a tragic choice, but until we have better sex education, a better safety net for the poorest, and universal access to effective contraceptives, including “day after” pills, there will still be a need for safe, legal abortion. If “assault weapon” is too ambiguous, how about “weapons designed and manufactured for military combat”? I’m not one who believes the 2A is a right without limits. You don’t get to own your own nukes. All weapons should be negotiated case-by-case.

    I wouldn’t fit in in New York.

  2. Pete Cutler says:

    Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read. The 2nd Amendment does have limits and they are clearly spelled out through federal law – fully automatic weapons, for instance are limited to Class III license holders and shotguns with a sawed off barrel are illegal as are mortars, recoilless rifles, hand grenades, etc. Apparently Iran and North Korea, among others, would disagree with the ban on nuclear weapons. It is disturbing to me when a public official insists that he can pick and choose as to who he will represent, according to his personal ideology.

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