Politics As Usual – Only Worse

As a conservative I am not enthused about Gov. Chris Christie as a Presidential candidate.  Republicans never seem to learn the oft-repeated lesson that members of their Party who are willing to “compromise” with the Democratic machine and its Progressive nihilists will never win the presidency and an impressive list including Romney, McCain and Dole’s failures to triumph fails to sway their doomed-to-defeat mind-set.

They simply cannot understand that the only scenario under which Democrats truly seek compromise is when they are in the minority and unable to entice RINO’s such as Sen. Susan Collins, ex-Sen. Olympia Snowe and now “Independent” Angus King (among many others) to support their agenda.

Gov. Christie, to his credit, has assumed responsibility for the actions of some members of his staff who allegedly arranged for the closure of some travel lanes on the George Washington Bridge which not only resulted in some traffic jams, but is now the cause célèbre for the Democrats and their sycophantic allies in the media.  Whether or not the furiously flying accusations regarding the extent of the Governor’s involvement in this nefarious deed will prove to be accurate has yet to be determined.

The New Jersey Democratic establishment was thrown into rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria following Christie’s solid victory in the recent gubernatorial race and has been ceaselessly searching for some negative to not only besmirch his standing in the state with the voters, but also (no doubt egged on by the Democratic National Party) to find a way to derail his Presidential ambitions.

Since I do not reside in New Jersey and am convinced that there are undoubtedly more conservative presidential candidates for the upcoming 2016 national elections I am more amused than upset over this manufactured tempest in a teapot.

What I do find disturbing is the extensive coverage that the media is devoting to this story.  To date, over 90 minutes of repetitive speculation has been logged by NBC (the leader), CBS and ABC.  Contrast this with less than 15 minutes over the IRS mistreatment of selected (read non-Liberal) organizations who have filed for tax exemption.  Or, for the very limited coverage of the ongoing investigation of the Benghazi coverup.  Or, the “fast and furious” coverup.  Or ….. well, you get the picture.

Dirty tricks are a stock in trade in today’s political arena and practiced at all levels along with character assassination, lies, obfuscation and groundless accusations (one comment that I read in the reader’s section of a local newspaper demanded the Christie be charged with manslaughter because of the supposed death of an elderly person because the ambulance carrying them was stuck in one of the traffic jams).

I heard a commentator on “talk radio” make the remark that all of the unfairness in media coverage was “not newsworthy” since it was business as usual.  Another commentator, this one on television, made the point that the media has no relationship with conservatives because so many of those in the media business spend their time socializing with Liberals, selectively attending their functions, marrying into their cliques and being educated by them in the schools where they have become prevalent and therefore have no interest in the Republican – or conservative – point of view

To realize that broadcasting, reporting, editorializing and feature writing has become a political arm of the Democratic Party is a truly dismal prospect for the future.  Without a free and balanced press to keep watch over and report on the transgressions of the permanent political class and its witless supporters, our nation’s decline is not just hastened but inevitable.

This transformation is “newsworthy” and should be brought to the public’s attention at every opportunity.  Many newspapers are falling by the wayside as their readership declines and much of this is due to their increasingly biased content.  The same can be said of much of the 24-hour-a-day television news deluge.  Take the time to find information on your own rather than let the “talking heads” be your only source.

Read ….. explore – and above all vote with the idea of returning morality, character and dignity to the face of American politics.


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