Better Get Ready

The jury on the Affordable Health Care and Patient Protection Act is realistically out at this time.  Although there have been some serious missteps (the “rollout” by itself is in a class by its own, not even to consider the numerous security issues presented by the sign-up website) it is too early to judge whether or not the legislation will improve health care, reduce healthcare costs, or actually result in the creation of any of the other miracles forecasted by the Liar-in-Chief and his fellow Democrats.  Sufficient data to evaluate success or failure will likely not be determined for at least a couple of years.

But the impact of Obamacare will be felt in many other ways, not the least of which result from the seemingly limitless efforts of Barack Obama to expand executive power beyond Constitutional limits.

“The Affordable Care Act” quoth the President, “is a law that passed the House.  It passed the Senate.  The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional” (after its central authority was rewritten by a Chief Justice to allay his fears of “politicizing” the Court).  “It was the central issue in last year’s election” Obama went on,”It is settled”.  All of the preceding is hardly a ringing endorsement of this legislation by the public; in fact, the majority of the public disapproved of the law and it took some very shady proceedings in Congress to squeak it through.

But all of this pales next to the tampering by Barack Obama with large portions of the law.  Vanished by now is the employer mandate, the caps on out-of pocket expenses, income verification and over half of the deadlines that Congress had loaded into the statute – all of this through executive fiat.  And all of this before the remaining changes to be wrought by unelected bureaucratic regulators (over 22,000 pages of regulations so far) have surfaced.  At this point Obama himself has added waivers for 780 companies an 451 labor unions, not to mention a special deal that will provide tax payer funded subsidies for the insurance premiums levied on members of Congress and some of their staffs.

So what we have is crony capitalism, favoritism, payoffs to political supporters and an unconstitutional power grab by an incompetent egomaniac all rolled into one bulging, odorous, expanding intrusion into the lives of Americans.  Worst of all, the complete disregard for the rule of law that Obama and now a majority of the Democratic Party continue to exhibit show no signs of abating.  The rule of law is predicated on equal treatment for all under the law, a concept that is no longer adhered to by the current administration.

Make no mistake, the Affordable Health Care and Patient Protection Act is nothing less than a preparation for the collapse of the health insurance and health care systems that constitute the safety net for the welfare of all citizens.  Once Obamacare fails (and it will) the only recourse, in the eyes of the progressives, will be to implement total government control of health care which has been their goal for decades.

There are a few ecstatic supporters of a law that “for the first time enables me to afford health insurance” (through subsidies gleaned from the taxpayers).  It will be interesting to follow the path of their exuberance once they confront the realities of high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses that are in addition to their monthly premiums.

But for most of America the results from Obama’s “signature legislation” and his lasting legacy will consist of increased taxes, loss of their current health insurance plans, higher premiums and job cutbacks as employers try to find ways to deal with increasing health insurance costs.

And in the big picture, yet another rung climbed on the ladder leading to a dictatorial government consisting of the permanent political class, their supportive bureaucrats and assorted cronies and hangers-on.

All in the name of “social equality and justice”.

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