The Dismemberment of America

It took the better part of century to create and integrate the pieces of the plan, but the work begun by the Progressives at the beginning of the twentieth century has resulted in policies that will, if left unchanged, result in the “New America” so long hoped for by the totalitarian Left.

The subversion of the rule of law, community ethos, the activities of the church and the education of the youth of America is nearly complete.  Through the undying efforts of those such as Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and their fellow travelers, America’s history (as well as the rest of the world’s) has been thoroughly revised and vilified to the point where many of America’s younger generations have been convinced to reject the unifying components that built one of the strongest nations that the world has seen.

A sterling example of the rot that eats away at the freedoms that the United States once enjoyed can be found in the schools systems of Portland, Oregon where the Pacific Education Group, which has provided over a half-million dollars in “diversity services”, has so thoroughly indoctrinated one Principal Verenice Gutierrez that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are described as a potential tool of racism (since such food might exclude Somali and Hispanic students “who might not eat sandwiches”).

Other fevered warnings from these “education consultants” include admonitions to be sensitive to such markers of “exclusively white culture” as emphasis on “self-reliance”, believing that “hard work is the key to success”, “rational, linear thinking”, advocating the primacy of the nuclear family, monotheism, “adherence to rigid time schedules”, believing that one should place “work before play” and many other time-honored concepts of adulthood and productive citizenship.

Many conservatives tend to be Tocquevillians in nature, viewing the ideal American society as consisting of politically equal citizens choosing to join a wide variety of voluntary associations that together to form a civil society, according to a recent National Review article by John Fonte.

Mr. Fonte goes on to describe how the character of these individuals has been shaped by “the mediating institutions of civil society – churches, families, civic associations, clubs, etc. – (who) participate in a free market economy with a strong cultural base that fosters economic growth and brings prosperity and well-being to the greatest number”.

Progressives, Mr. Fonte insists, ” view American society through a different lens.  They see society as essentially binary, consisting of two main sets of groups: marginalized (victim) groups and dominant (privileged) groups.”  The mantra of the Progressives is “substantive (or representative) equality” among these groups, not equality of opportunity.

If we were to backtrack through (unrevised) history and consider the migrations to the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries of the Scots-Irish and then European and Nordic immigrants, one might discover that the very values which made our country so attractive were enhanced through the assimilation of these newcomers.  Expansion westward from the growing population centers of the East provided even more opportunities for cultural and economic growth, thus strengthening the sense of communities and nation that would prove so vital to America’s growth.

But in today’s culture, the common bonds of a civil society are increasingly viewed as confining and detrimental to individual growth and the state has become increasingly accepted as the great arbitrator and guide for our citizens, many of whom seem more than eager to relinquish their birthright of freedom and self-responsibility that separated them from the ancient class restraints of European royalty (which caused the afore-mentioned rejection by many of the European insistence on class distinction) and the emerging totalitarian regimes of socialism  and communism.

Still another detriment is the current insistent (and misnamed) rush for “immigration reform” that will do nothing more than increase the growing gap caused by the abandonment of assimilation of not only legal, but also a huge number of illegal immigrants.  This disruptive (and blatantly illegal) movement spearheaded by such luminaries as Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and supported by other members of the political establishment including John McCain and Paul Ryan will do damage to the economy and continue to erode our cultural and civil structure.

And of course hasten our transformation into the status of a European socialist state, the goal so desired by the current administration and by far too many members of the political establishment and their bureaucratic toadies.


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