And the Beat Goes On

Or, to be more precise the discordant cacophony of the Obama administration spirals out of control.

The absurdly titled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act reaches higher levels of ludicrous pomposity, inefficiency and downright abuse of the public as the hours and days and weeks pass.  How on earth can anyone believe at this point that allowing the government to manage an industry that accounts for 17% of our nation’s GDP is going to result in lower costs and improved services?  Then again, if you voted for Obama twice the question is purely rhetorical since you are no longer a part of this universe, but firmly attached to your own version of reality.

I have heard the term “stupidity” described as willful and continual ignorance and that seems to be more and more the choice of those who blindly support this charlatan and his plans to remake America into the Marxist paradise instilled in a young and impressionable Obama during the 1970’s by his mentor, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis (CP number 47544).

There is simply no way that the ACA can accidentally turn out to be so convoluted and destructive to the freedom of our people.  Nope, this is part of the plan.  Consider, please, the rollout” of the utterly impenetrable sign-up website for this disaster.  Then consider the fact that literally millions of Americans who are currently privately insured have discovered that their plans have suddenly become so expensive (due to enforced compliance with the more than 20,000 new regulations spewing from the maw of the administration’s bureaucratic trolls) that the average citizen suddenly finds himself unable to afford coverage that does not feature terribly high deductibles – meaning a huge increase in out-of-pocket expenses – in addition to reduced coverage.

Of course for those who are enticed into the government-sponsored Cadillac plans aimed at lulling susceptible youths and low-income people into the servitude imposed by the subsidies offered them through increased taxation of the middle class, the myth of lowering the coat of health care and providing the same services for all is kept alive.

It will not take long for the realization to sink in that Obamacare is unworkable.  By that time, the public will supposedly be so distraught that a “single payer system” (read; government health care for all) will appear as a reasonable solution.

And therein lies one of the keys by which we can understand Obama’s true motivations in his goal to reshape America.

For the last couple of centuries, a healthy and productive middle class has fueled the economics of successful societies around the world.  But the Marxist-inspired socialist movements have managed a thorough infiltration of many of the institutions of these well to do nations and the rot has become pervasive.  The goal of the Marxist is to structure a society that is sharply divided between a relatively small group consisting of the rich and a far larger component made up of the poor.  This divide is brought about and maintained through class warfare, propaganda, rule by fiat and cronyism designed to keep people distracted from the machinations of the permanent political class who enjoys the elevated status and prosperity the diminished economy can manage to provide.

But first the competition (the “Middle Class”) must be destroyed,

We do indeed have a two-party system, but it consists of the “Demopubs” or Republicrats” (damned little difference between most of the “establishment” politicians of either party) and their partners in crime, the ever-expanding legions of appointed bureaucrats who seem to now have adopted the attitude, pioneered by the elected officials, of being above the laws that they enforce; i.e. HHS’s Kathleen Sebelius, DOJ’s Eric Holder, the IRS’s Lois Lerner – I could go on and on.

The important point here is that Obama is not the bumbling, evasive incompetent that some have been willing to label him.  On the contrary, he is crafty (although guided in some part by his behind the scenes supporters such as George Soros), a skilled liar without principles and dedicated to his vision of a utopia which requires the destruction of America as we know it, to be rebuilt without having to contend with that annoying and meddling middle class group that tends to insist on true freedom rather than government dominance.

Thus the vitriol directed toward members the Tea Party, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and other people of principle – a character trait that provokes the government establishment and their willing sycophants into hysterical rants against “traitors”, “Nazis” and the like.

Remember, it is a favorite tactic of the Left to obfuscate and misdirect by shrilly accusing their opponents of the very actions that they themselves have installed as an integral part of their plan to gain and maintain power.

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