The Great Manipulator

For a short while, I thought that Barack Obama must be one of the luckiest men ever to hold the office of President of the United States.

No matter what calamity (mostly of his own making) befell the man, no matter if it was the disaster at Benghazi, the multiple scandals revolving around his administration (the IRS hijinks, the abundant cronyism inherent in the “stimulus” programs to which he shoveled endless public funds,  the lawbreakers and Muslims that he placed in high government positions, the multitude of expensive vacations at taxpayer expense and so on and so on), the alienation of allies, the “Fast and Furious” debacle ….. these multiple and ongoing screwups would have meant monumental exhortations for the drawing and quartering of any other chief executive (George W. Bush, for instance).  And yet the ease with which King Barack The First escaped condemnation makes old Slick Willie look like he was coated with Super Glue rather than Teflon.

And now, after having his lunch instantaneously devoured by Vladimir Putin over the Syrian situation and relegating America’s world presence to the far back forty, Barack the Waffler is saved once again by the mainstream press’ utter devotion to the “gridlock” on Capital Hill resulting in diverting attention from the pathetic performance of this narcissistic, inadequate, prancing jester.

And I have come to realize that this is part of the plan.  Due to the utter slavishness of the ideological and willfully ignorant, and the “gimme” crowd reveling in the acquisition of “free stuff” that all together make up the majority of his base of support, exacerbated by the shameless idolatry of what passes for “journalism” these days, Obama can simply create a never-ending stream of crises that will captivate the sound bite crowd.

The failures grow ever worse, but the King on his throne remains above the fray, simply ignoring looming catastrophe and refusing to discuss his holy proclamations with mere mortals such as the House of Representatives.  Prince Harry and Princess Nancy are of course all too eager to ride the coattails of the emperor and even the minions such as the head of the IRS can ignore vital questions with impunity.

In the meantime, more and more people are losing their benefits due to having their work hours decreased to avoid the penalties that might be assessed on their employers. More and more people are being notified to come and pick up their medical records because their primary caregivers are closing their offices.  More and more people are having to opt out of their health insurance plans due to huge increases in their premiums.  I have friends who fit into all of these categories, but when I relate these instances on the chat rooms offered by our local newspapers the supporters of the Affordable Health Care Act castigate me for “making it up”.

Our government is currently an ongoing farce of the highest order, the laughingstock of the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party, the only governmental brake available to slow this train of destruction, is unable to construct a unified front due to their preoccupation with getting elected once again so that they can maintain their privileged status.

And Barack Obama, no matter what indignities and other damage he may inflict on the country that he swore to serve and protect, will careen along his merry way without being held accountable for the misery of the American public……. the most glaring example of reverse racism ever to appear in our country.

Actions do indeed always have consequences and we are only beginning to see what the effects of the Obama Presidency are going to bring us all.

Get ready for much tougher times.















































































































































































































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