Syria? Stay Away

The Community-Organizer-In-Chief has decided to branch out and beat the war drums and try to gin up support for a “surgical strike” against Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack against a segment of that country’s civilian population.  This despite the fact that then-Senator Obama repeatedly castigated George W. Bush for his similar actions against Iraq (as did then-Senator John Kerry, who appears to have undergone a major transformation into a rabid hawk after being appointed Secretary of State).

Obama has now turned to Congress to authorize this foolish and reckless plan even though he legally can go ahead without their approval.  This is perfectly in tune with our so-called President’s Standard Operating Procedure of setting the scene to be able to shift the blame to someone or something else should anything go wrong …. a perfect example being his most recent speech assigning the origin of a “red line that cannot be crossed” restriction against the Syrian use of chemical weapons  to Congress, the U.N., and even “the world” and having nothing to do with “my personal credibility”.  It is irrelevant, of course, that Obama personally created the “red line” restriction in a (recorded) speech last year.  The sheer arrogance of this poseur is to the point of being ludicrous as is his apparent conviction that he can tell any lie that he conjures up and his blind and incurious followers will accept it and continue their mindless adoration.

Obama’s incompetence is boundless and appears to have infected a significant segment of political Washington; witness Sen. John McCain (who, of all people, should know better) jumping on board with this feckless, dangerous and irresponsible plan.  McCain has long since outlived his usefulness as a Senator and needs to retire with ultimate haste.

Why on earth, after the traumas and failures (through Obama’s precipitous withdrawal of American forces) of ventures in both Iraq and Afghanistan, should the administration be so anxious to launch any attack that has the potential to further inflame our enemies and detractors worldwide?

There is no firm evidence at this point as to which faction in the utter chaos that now rules Syria is responsible for the obvious chemical warfare that has been initiated.  It should be noted that it is thoroughly detailed in a book by Gen. Georges Sada, the number two official in Saddam Hussein’s Air Force, how  these chemical weapons were brought into Syria by aircraft and truck convoys from Iraq just before the allied invasion of that country.  No wonder that “no stockpiles” of WMD’s were found after Saddam was deposed, even though he had used chemical weapons that killed scores of thousands when employed against the Kurds in 1988 and prior to that against Iranians during the Iraq/Iran War (1980-1988).

The genie is long past out of the bottle when it comes to the use of WMD’s in the Middle East and it beggars the mind as to why any sane government would be willing to even consider allowing the madmen of this region to acquire nuclear weapons after untold centuries of internecine warfare among the tribes masquerading as “nations” that inhabit the region.  For a “religion of Peace”, Islam has a most disturbing tendency for horrific violence and conquest, even within its own boundaries (Sunni/Shiite atrocities, anyone?)

And this is the massive, angrily buzzing beehive that our incompetent, clueless, self-aggrandizing, would-be Emperor is contemplating poking?  After more than a decade of the expenditure of huge resources of blood and treasure in the attempt to impose “democracy” in a region that has historically been the antitheses of such a concept?

This pending folly has the potential to far outreach any of the other mounting failures of the Obama regime .  Hopefully Congress will have the common sense to vote against the approval of such utter stupidity; but then again, Obama can simply continue on his bumbling, narcissistic quest for a “signature achievement”, squandering any tiny remnants of respect and goodwill that the rest of the world might still hold for the United States.

God look after us and help us because Obama and his administration will certainly not.



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4 Responses to Syria? Stay Away

  1. I have been posting about Syria in the last couple days and am wholly interested in your opinion – I feel as if we share many of the same views. Syria is most definitely not a place we should be getting involved with. Our government wants to defend rebels who are brutally murdering citizens themselves? There’s something terribly wrong with that.

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