It is Part of the Plan

An outsider might well look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act and be consumed with wonder over how such an obviously confusing, inefficient, unworkable monstrosity could have become a law of the land.

Of course one could accept the contention of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that the bill “must first be passed so that we can determine what is in it” and ignore the utter absence of common sense characterizing that approach, considering the more than 22,000 pages of regulations that have already been constructed without clarifying (indeed, generally doing little more than muddying the legislative waters) the ramifications of this stultifying example of central planning run amok.

Barack Obama has done nothing to improve the situation; actually, by granting hundreds of waivers to favored contributors in regard to the requirement for businesses with fifty or more employees to provide insurance for all or face stiff penalties and finally then finally postponing the requirement until after the midterm elections, he has once again violated a standing law (of his own creation) for political expediency.  And, by insisting that the IRS be in charge of determining and administering penalties arising from noncompliance with the PPAHCA, he has fanned the flames of public discontent connected with the now unveiled unconstitutional (and quite likely criminal) activities of that agency.

So, another example of the complete contempt for the rule of law by this administration.

But the question remains: why the obstinate insistence of forcing this flawed and destructive legislation upon the people?  Obama continually castigates the Republicans for “blocking the guaranteed health care for 30 million people” while neglecting to mention that even with Obamacare fully implemented there will still be 30 million people without health care (from a Congressional Budget Committee recent report).  Insurance rates are already on the rise and complaints are mounting from workers whose hours have been cut back to withdraw benefits so as to avoid the penalties associated with PPACHA.  Those who make less than the national poverty rate are not authorized to receive subsidies so that they can purchase health insurance from the program’s “exchanges”.  And those are only an infinitesimal percentage of the emerging inequities and enforcement quagmires.

To answer the question: pay close attention to what the leaders of the Democratic Party have already let slip.  The afore-mentioned president, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other prominent figures have long advocated a “single payer system” such as Canada, Great Britain and European socialistic nations have begun to modify or outright abandon.

In other words, the Affordable Care Act was originally structured to fail (as it inevitably will) and faced with the ensuing chaos due to the engineered destruction of the health care insurance private market, there will be little to stand in the way of a total government takeover of the health care industry.  The resulting misery is what the Washington political structure will depend upon to keep them in office and ensure the ongoing transformation of the United States of America into just another nation-state gravitating to control by the One World Order that has long been the goal of the intellectual elite Progressives.

The upcoming mid-term elections are vitally important to our nation.  Unless we can change the environment in the permanent political class we are headed toward a life of servitude such as a large portion of the world already is laboring under.

America is truly the last crumbling bastion of freedom.  Do we have enough free men left to reverse the trend?

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