The Specter of Detroit

Forget about the guy in the black robe and cowl.  There is a far more frightening vision lurking about the fringes of our American image and it is imminent and far-reaching.

Once there was a time when Detroit was  the wealthiest city in the United States, a magnet that drew workers from across the nation to partake in an environment of solid employment and a stepping stone to the American dream.

Then came change.

In 1960 Liberal Democrats gained control of the city government and have held that position ever since. They brought with them their dreams of implementing a “Great Society” where a cradle-to-grave safety net would protect the neediest of the people through the redistribution of the wealth created by the many thousands of hard-working citizens.  Nearly 2 million people lived in the city and at that time it boasted the highest per-capita income in America.

So how did that work out?

Detroit’s population has declined by almost 70% since 1960. Roughly half of the people who remain are functionally illiterate. More than 60% live below the poverty line. And roughly half of all adults don’t work. Only about one-third of the city’s ambulances are in working order. Almost half of the streetlights don’t work. It takes the police an average of 58 minutes to respond to emergency calls. The violent crime rate (no surprise) is five times higher than the national average (from the Stansbury Newsletter).

So Detroit has just declared bankruptcy, with total debts of around $20 billion. That’s roughly $28,000 per remaining citizen.

This coming just a little over two years after our Dear Leader Obama pronounced as part of his “stimulus” programs that he would not allow Detroit to collapse and infused a faltering automobile industry with billions in taxpayer money.

A coalition of corrupt politicians such as Coleman Young, Monica Conyers (who is currently serving a lengthy prison term and is the wife of Congressman John Conyers, the longest-serving – since 1965 – member of Congress) and other miscreants, coupled with even more corrupt and avaricious labor union leaders, guaranteed the near-demise of manufacturing employment in the city while increasing local government spending to unsustainable levels.

And Detroit is not a lone example.  Other metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, NYC and other once-prosperous cities are edging toward the same fate, all the result of the Democratic social engineering that has come to define government’s approach to social and economic “inequality”.

This disastrous approach is mirrored at the federal level, of course, with even more horrific results.  Today, Americans owe more than $16.7 trillion on the federal level thanks to the astounding increase in debt that is the product of the Obama administration.  That’s nearly $54,000 per citizen and nearly $150,000 per taxpayer. How many Americans do you think realize that our federal government is twice as bankrupt as Detroit?

And now the President is making noises about how our cities cannot be allowed to fail.  His answer is to, of course, borrow (or simply print) more money to correct this “immoral imbalance”, to continue the policies responsible for the utter collapse of a shining example of what free market economics and individual responsibility can achieve into a social quagmire supporting those who choose to live off the wealth created by others rather than accepting personal responsibility and contributing to the common good.

I recently read an article describing history as an encyclopedia of the mistakes that mankind makes.  It would appear that government by Liberals is a concerted effort to adhere to those mistakes while overlooking the lessons to be learned from a careful study and avoidance of those missteps.

But then again, their approach centers the pursuit of personal power, wealth and achievement rather than serving as the best interests of the governed.


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