America on the Brink

The most recent (and highly egregious) violation of the rule of law by the current administration is its failure to implement on schedule the Affordable Care Act requirement for “small businesses” to pay a fine if they have over fifty employees on the role and they do not provide insurance for them all.  It is likely that someone in Obama’s collection of socialists, communists, hangers-on, petty crooks, opportunists and would-be dictators may have finally tumbled to the fact that this particular requirement is going to mean a boatload of jobs disappearing.

I am already hearing of acquaintances losing their full-time employee status and the accompanying benefits due to their work hours being reduced so that their employers will not have to shell out even more money to a government hellbent on destroying the private sector businesses (other than the ones that contribute to Obama and his corps of thugs, of course).

So it is a good thing to see that perhaps someone in government is realizing that this absolute disaster of a bill manufactured by the Democrats to nurture the clear desire of our socialist President to impose his vision of the redistribution of wealth is beginning to show its potential for financial ruin for America ……. right(?)

Well, yes and no.  If the whole idea was scrapped and efforts were under way to redesign this atrocity so that it actually might do some good as far as revamping America’s health care system so that it indeed managed to show the potential for lowering – or at least slowing – the out of control costs of health care, that could be an improvement.  But according to our Liar-in-Chief the process simply needs to be delayed from its implementation scheduled for the coming year.

But there is also a deeply significant side to this latest sideshow generated by a President who has little or no idea of how to deal with our national problems and that is his absolute defiance of the rule of law upon which this nation was built.  He is not willing to stand by and obey even the laws that he and his cohorts have fabricated.  This is pure, in-your-face “the law is what I say it is”, dictatorial behavior and it is becoming more and more prevalent now that King Obama does not have to face reelection.

There has never before been a President who has shown such a willingness to subvert and distort the concept of a representative republic, and the bald-faced rejection of our rule of law by Obama and his minions is reaching epidemic proportions.

From the refusal of the Department of Justice to prosecute blatant voter intimidation in Philadelphia to the current expressed intent to bring some sort of trumped up charges against a citizen who has already been cleared of criminal misbehavior (yes, I am referring to George Zimmerman) it is clearly evident that we no longer have equality under the stated law, but instead are subject to the whims of a corrupt and sinister administration who will stop at nothing in imposing their banana-republic style of governing.

And it becomes more obvious with every passing day that Barack Obama has no intention of bringing our nation together, but instead will continue his strategy of dividing Americans at every turn.

This is part of the overall plan to destroy citizen’s faith in their government and the rule of law so that when the breakdown reaches sufficient magnitude and there is no local control over the populace, then a reason for federal control will be cited and martial law imposed.

If we are willing to stand by and watch while the Constitution and the separation of powers that it was designed to enforce are negated by a budding emperor, then chaos is much closer than we anticipated.  Already, so many of our “elected officials” have abandoned the concept of “serve, not dictate”, and this corruption has pervaded Washington to the extent that state’s rights and the welfare of their citizens  are no longer the primary consideration of many of the members of Congress who promised to uphold the vows that played such an important part of their swearing-in ceremonies.

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