The Pitiful Giant Staggers

“How the mighty have faltered!”

Bears a certain resonance, does it not?  For many generations America commanded respect throughout the world, providing a quality of life for its people and those who chose to legally join them that was the envy of much of the world’s population, stretching forth a helping hand that provided both sustenance and security for those in need. Foreign nations thought very carefully indeed before doing anything that might affect a positive relationship with the United States.

But these days America is the laughingstock of the world, not one of its leaders.  These days a minor South American wannabe socialist republic can thumb its nose with impunity at the U.S. even though half of its exports depend upon a trade agreement with this country.  Major international players such as China and Russia don’t even bother to attempt to conceal their disdain for America and its leadership.  Other world leaders have learned that the U.S. can no longer be depended upon to provide guidance and assistance in withstanding threats of aggression and/or economic warfare – indeed, a psychotic, despotic hermit kingdom like North Korea can threaten the United States and its allies with nuclear attack without fear of any retaliation.

So, when a self-serving high school dropout, whose life seems likely to have been built on a series of lies describing his education, military service and political activism decides to abscond with numerous lap tops and thumb drives crammed with classified information to foreign localities unfriendly to America, is it any surprise that fumbling attempts by the current administration to have this traitor returned to its custody are met with rejection and scorn?

Oh, I know …… Ed Snowden is regarded by some as heroic since he has explained his actions as being motivated by a “desire to serve mankind”.  But if this is indeed his intent, why has he deserted to share this knowledge with entities such as Russia and China whose devotion to human rights can most charitably be described as questionable?  Sharing classified materials with hostile foreign countries is pure treason and most actual “whistle-blowers” with the best interests of their fellow citizens in mind have the courage and determination to stand up and face the music within the boundaries of the countries that they profess to serve, not scamper off to foreign shores to share the secrets with which they were entrusted.

(And how this loser was given such a sensitive position says very little for the people who vet these jobs)

I suspect that once Mr. Snowden has shared his purloined information with all parties interested in exploring our nations’ security programs’ strengths and weaknesses, he will simply vanish from view; or perhaps his apprehension will actually be allowed so that he can be returned to the U.S. and paraded through the circus of the trial courts to be utilized as additional fodder for those whose purpose is to vilify our country and continue to aggravate its decline.

Yet in the end, Ed Snowden is simply another example of the ethical and moral corrosion that has weakened our country, bringing us to the point where we are reduced to pleading with the bullies of the world to assist us in dealing with our malcontents and criminals, rather than relying on the strength that once afforded us protection from those who wish us harm.

Good luck with that!

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