A Disastrous Misunderstanding

These days one can hardly examine the calamitous disarray in Washington without a deep and foreboding sense of dismay.  Seldom have we been faced with such a conviction that our governing body is adrift, ineffective and gridlocked while at the same time overweening, rocked by scandal and either unwilling or unable to perform its duties with the good of our nation as its guide.

The pervasive undermining of moral and ethical conduct, religion, education and the rule of law by decades of progressive policies has deeply affected the soul of America and is reflected in the growing disenchantment with our many (and always increasing) levels of government and those tasked with its operation.

The overwhelming number of incidents involving open corruption and/or illegal activities  for a ever-widening stream of infractions, from the insider-trading practices exposed in Peter Schweizer’s informative book, “THROW THEM ALL OUT”, to the blatant practicing of crony capitalism by awarding of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ hard earned money to failed companies (owned by major contributors to the Democratic coffers) attempting to peddle  “green” energy and products, to the massive buying of votes through showering “entitlements” on the unproductive elements of society, the redistribution of wealth to the government-selected entities (and their political benefactors) continues at a ruinous pace.

And throughout it all, the Permanent Political Class continues on its insular, self-centered, blind march toward the dissimulation of Western society.  If it makes you feel any better, America, under its own tyrannical and obtuse Dear Leader, is closely following the decline of most European countries which fell under the machinations of their own socialistic, communist-inspired policy failures.  So, many of us are in the same leaky ship being circled by the hungry sharks of Islam.

In case the more insightful and curious among you are wondering exactly how one of the world’s strongest leaders came to such a sorry state, may I suggest to you that in good part it is the result of complacency and a general dumbing-down of the segment of our population who bothers to vote for the supposed “selection” of their overlords.

Politicians, unfortunately, are a necessary but inherently dangerous component of a free society.  One of their main characteristics, enhanced by the amount of time that they spend in office, is their rejection of the concept that by being elected they have assumed the mantle of responsibility for what is best for their constituents.  Instead, it has been replaced by the conviction that rather than “serving” the needs and desires of those who elected them, they are now in a position of power and responsibility defined by “achieving” – how important they can make themselves look in order to ensure their dominance in our society.  “Public service” is perhaps the most glaring misnomer of our age when it comes to our elected officials.

And so it will remain; multitudes of fiddlers cavorting amongst the ruins of what was once a world leader and protector.

Unless ……. America somehow comes to its senses and insists on unfrocking these pampered princes and princesses and demanding wise and effective leadership and governance from those who aspire to true public service.

Term limits might be a good place to start.  Politicians need to be protected as much from themselves as much as the public needs protection from their narcissistic zeal and willful ignorance.

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