“Home-grown Terrorism”?

Not exactly.

As with so many of the “narratives” beloved by the Progressive-style socialist governments of today, this appellation is meant to obfuscate the actual threat or issue that said power structures have failed to successfully address.

Just for example, consider the most recent murderous, despicable, horrific act perpetrated upon an unsuspecting victim by the savage and barbaric creatures who justify their atrocities by claiming divine guidance under their interpretation of “God’s will” as expressed in the Koran.

A young British soldier, leaving his barracks in London, was targeted by two Islamist terrorists who first ran him down with a car and then proceeded to mutilate his body with a meat cleaver and knives in front of passersby, boasting of their vengeful attack that they claimed was in retaliation for “Muslims are dying by British soldiers every day.”  According to one report, “One witness, identified only as James, said he and his partner watched in horror as they realised what they were seeing. He shouted at the men to stop, only for one of them to pull out a gun and threaten to shoot him.”

The two continued to hack at the body of the soldier and harangue the gathering crowd for over 20 minutes until police finally arrived.  During an ensuing gun battle both attackers were wounded and transferred to a hospital.  The remains of the victim were collected and scraped up off the pavement.  It is speculated that the two young men are of Nigerian descent, although they reportedly spoke with London accents.

There is a great deal that is disturbing about this event, not the least of which is the fact that by completely disarming the civilian population of Great Britain no man, woman or child can be safe on English streets – a threat which was thoroughly articulated in the diatribe delivered by these “soldiers of Allah”.  But the fact is crystal clear that although these creatures may be citizens of England, they are motivated and steered by foreign influences and that, to me, dissipates the concept of “homegrown”.

The same can certainly be said of the atrocity perpetrated by the two Boston Marathon bombers, whose crime was made even more heinous by their willingness to lap up the largess provided through the myriad “assistance” programs provided by the one of the bluest of American states.  The narrative immediately supplied by the Islamic apologists from the White House on down was that this was once again a “lone wolf” act devoid of any influence or assistance by foreign entities and likely even emanating from a sense of “alienation” resulting from the pressures our decadent American society placed upon these poor immigrants.


The ongoing investigation into the background of these two monsters has clearly brought to light their associations with radical Islamic dogma supplied locally, through the Internet and quite likely through connections furthered by Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s 6-month visit in 2012 to the North Caucasus region of Russia.  Tamlerlan, the elder brother, was reported to the FBI by Russian intelligence to have known contacts with Islamic extremists over the past few years and his increasing radicalization has been thoroughly documented.

Again, strong and self-expressed ties to a foreign influence.  Hardly “home-grown”.

“Da‘wah or Dawah means the proselytizing or preaching of Islam” (wikipedia).  It is vital to remember that Islam is not simply a religion; it encompasses politics, morality, ethics …. the complete spectrum of life.  Its teachings through the mosques-cum-community centers that have spread throughout the Western world are sometimes unfortunately the food on which jihad is raised and one of the main purposes of Islam is conquest.  In 1683, on a previous September 11, this ambition was thwarted in Vienna, Austria and the Muslim horde withdrew to lick their wounds, recover, and plot.

Today, that long war continues and its flames are fanned anew.  Muslims infiltrate nemerous Western countries and stubbornly resist assimilation.  Not all, but some, subscribe to the belief that Western culture is corrupt and decadent, to be disdained as beneath human dignity and non-Muslims to be regarded as valueless and contemptible be they man, woman and child.

From such teachings do the terrorists of these two examples I have cited arise.  We are indeed foolish and decadent not to realize the dangers that are growing in Western civilization.  Such acts will only increase as long as the proponents of multiculturalism and appeasement retain control of our government and its European counterparts.

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