So Who is Minding the Store?

There sure as hell does not seem to be anyone taking responsibility for anything at all that is going on in government.  Republicans are blaming Democrats, Democrats are still insisting that “it is all Bush’s fault” and the Tea Party insists that (to paraphrase an old Kingston Trio song) ” I don’t like anybody very much!”.

Our so-called President is still devoted to a frenetic campaign mode (when he is not on the golf course with Tiger Woods or vacationing with the beautiful people on Cape Cod and other haunts of the wealthy and famous) that conveniently allows him to be absent from Washington a majority of the time.

What with the Benghazi hearings, the IRS having to ‘fess up to being grossly unfair to conservative nonprofit organizations, the AP up in arms (finally) over having their emails tapped and telephone conversations eavesdropped on, and a bipartisan abandonment and condemnation of Obamacare as being a regulatory and financial nightmare, truckloads of Teflon are being frantically slathered on anything resembling a politician or bureaucrat.

Eight months ago, America lost an Ambassador and three other personnel to Lybian jihadist attackers and nothing has been done in the way of identifying the perpetrators, let alone dealing out retribution.  There has been no headway made in determining why assistance was not sent to an embassy under siege, since the administration’s line has been that such relief would have been impossible.  Supposedly the President left the situation in capable hands as he vanished from the situation room at around 5:00 p.m. EST, surfacing the next day at a campaign stop in Las Vegas, NV after the dust had settled and bodies retrieved.  Unfortunately for those in peril, the only way that help could have been sent (and it was available) required cross-border authorization and that can be given only by the Commander-in-Chief, who happened to be unavailable.

By the way, if anyone is interested in what actually happened in Benghazi, take the time to check out “Benghazi: The Definitive Report” by Brandon Web and Jack Murphy, which is currently available as an e-book on and at $2.99.

This is perhaps the most glaring current example of the mess that characterizes Washington these days.  There is no leadership from the top – Obama spends his time out campaigning and fundraising for the next election cycle and, most disturbingly, frequently even criticizes his own policies.  His administration follows the example set by its titular head and avoids responsibility like the plague; the only exceptions being those thrown under the bus by their Dear Leader to divert attention from his utter incompetence.

Barack Obama is now well into his second term and has yet to make good on any of his myriad campaign promises.  Indeed, this past week has seen the rise of multiple scandals resulting from the unwillingness of this president to govern, from the out-of-control corruption he has fostered, from the disregard of the rule of law practiced by the highest officials in his administration and from his feckless avoidance of the responsibilities that he so avidly sought before attaining the presidency.

Nonetheless, polls continue to show his personal approval rating hovering around the fifty percent mark, despite a growing public rejection of the policies created by his regime.  There can be no denying his political acumen, despite the repugnancy of his methods.

As long as the divisiveness he has created continues to fester, America will continue its decline.  Without a concerted effort by Congress to deal with the massive problems both foreign and domestic facing our nation, our friends and enemies alike will evince a growing disdain for us and our downward spiral goes on.

But as of here and now, there is no one “minding the store”.

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