Behold the Looming Train Wreck

To all of you blind, complacent, dogmatic and guilt-filled voters who placed Obama and his Chicago-inspired assortment of crooks, opportunists, Socialist/Communists, con men and plutocrats in the driver’s seat for the next three and one-half years:  do you understand what you have wrought?

If this question either puzzles you, or (worse) produces a blank stare then consider the following two items.

First, the Commissioner of the IRS, Douglas Shulma flat lied to Congress when he denied that the Internal Revenue Service – since 2011, if not before – subjected organizations such as the Tea Party and a long list of other organizations unfortunate enough to have words such as “conservative” and “patriot” in their names and who dared to educate the public about constitutional rights and/or criticized the administration to special requirements and extended delays regarding their applications for non-profit status.  This “extra attention” appears to have been limited to groups that could be considered conservative in nature and occurred following the elimination of long-standing “trip wires” designed to identify unfair targeting of groups and were in conjunction of the assignment of all reviews of such applications to the Cincinnati-based field office of the IRS.

Second, the ongoing Congressional investigation of the Benghazi atrocity that resulted in the murder of an American Ambassador and three other Americans continues to unveil the utter and complete ineptness, callousness (then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”) and perfidy of high-ranking administration officials as exhibited by the multitude of downright untruths and clumsy attempts to misdirect the identification of this act of war against our nation (yes, Virginia, attacking a U.S. Embassy and killing our diplomats is indeed an act of war).

There is an insightful piece titled, “False Flag-O-Meter reaches the red zone: Why a government-orchestrated distraction event is highly likely to occur in the next 7 days” that can be found at:

Once again, it is plain that America is no longer a Republic, that our Ruling Class makes its decisions on the basis of self-interest and retention of power.

The warning signs become more clear every day.  And the train is not that far away.

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