Another Beginning

For several years I published a blog under the title of “Maine Now and Then”, but having found myself somewhat bereft of what I considered new and interesting ideas I decided to give my fingers a rest for awhile.  

Having discovered that I really missed boring people, let alone carrying a torch for conservative principles, I have again entered the fray.

As I mentioned, I am unabashedly conservative.  I am certainly willing to discuss issues with those holding other viewpoints – all I ask for is an intelligent response with an interesting argument.  Be advised that I will not tolerate profanity or vulgarity, nor will I waste time with those who merely want to vent their spleen and insist on personal attacks.  Such entries will be immediately expunged.  Yep, I realize that this may be a challenge for some who inhabit the blogosphere.

Anyway, this post is meant only as a quick introduction.  So welcome aboard and I hope that what I offer will encourage my readers to think about each subject and perhaps will open a few additional windows to their view on life.

God knows it is an ongoing challenge for us all and just perhaps we can make the trials and tribulations easier if we get to know each other a little better.

See you shortly.

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