Why Unity?

It took time for America to become a nation, lots of time.  Simply discovering and refining its geographical status while staving off foreign intervention turned out to be a project that required hardiness and valor, plus vigilance and perseverance along with a thirst for excitement and adventure all balanced by the expansion of mercantile capability, the establishment of law and order, and the slow development of a stable local society.

All of these ingredients plus a couple of additions are reflected in the design of our nation’s flag: 13 red (signifying hardiness and valor) and white (signifying purity and innocence) stripes, and a blue (the color of the Chief and signifying vigilance, perseverance and justice) band above them containing 50 stars, one for each state.

America was built, sustained, and has grown through the labor and sacrifices of its inhabitants and for centuries has successfully withstood the challenges supplied by nature.  It has absorbed a multitude of immigrants from other nations who understood what made its culture different from other countries and were willing to acclimate in order to improve their opportunities for a more rewarding life.  These newcomers eventually became a part of the communities around them and even if the process was not immediate and without friction they managed to find enough common ground to build a foundation of moral, religious, educational, legal and social agreement that allowed what some have termed “the great experiment” to continue.

Up until now.

Even a brief review of history will convince  a perceptive observer that great nations have been destroyed by rot from within usually abated and encouraged thru actions precipitated by envious and/or malignant neighbors who engaged in a specific type of warfare, the art of creating divisiveness.

Unity is not easily achieved.  Those of us with a military background are diligently taught that in order to function well (and survive) we must become proficient at working together to achieve specific goals and during this process a forming a strong bond which when maintained enables groups to reach levels of achievement mostly unattainable through individual efforts.  Winning sports teams if properly led and motivated fit the same pattern as do many social constructs such as churches, fraternal organizations and clubs.  A key component in all of these examples is trust not only in leadership but also in the other participants around you.  If trust and/or friendship deteriorates then unity begins to fray and will eventually dissolve, frequently followed by anarchy.

Anarchy features riots, looting, property destruction and physical abuse and is fed by mob mentality based on manipulated emotional response.  Some postulate that chaos and destruction are the answer to righting egregious wrongs and we currently see that concept in action.  During this course of events innocent bystanders can harmed, property destroyed and consequently anger fueled within splinter groups.

Such outbreaks, although seemingly spontaneous, are not infrequently carefully planned, subsidized and directed by organizations dedicated to “changing America” which translates into “doing things our way” thus circumnavigating the existing moral, social and legal means of governing.  If coupled with a carefully engineered erosion of trust in leadership and a violent assault against the stability of shared tradition and values (such as destruction of monuments and other cultural icons and most importantly free speech) the pathway opens to rule by mob or even “benevolent dictatorship”.

Pitting factions against each other as a means of maintaining power and control is a classic technique employed by any number of both active and would-be ruling classes.  It is truly unfortunate here in our country that it is commonly found in not only in today’s politicians but also utilized by those who seek to benefit by usurping positions of power by any means they see fit.

In America we have a time-tested means of making adjustments to our government; the vote.  Our Representative Republic has long persevered over illegitimate attempts to wrest power from the majority of its citizens.   Now we are faced with the prospects of mob rule and anarchy.  There are many in elected positions willing to avoid the responsibilities that they have sworn to uphold for the public good and unwilling to stand up against the illegal actions of a few whose intentions are to destroy the United States so that they can rebuild our country to fit failed ideologies of the past.

Only by informed and ethical voting motivated by the best interests of all of our citizens in mind can we achieve unity and retain our freedom.



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Recovery and Rebuilding

For decades now we have watched the industrial might that distinguished our nation slowly erode as both companies and consumers succumbed to the siren song of lower prices supported through cheap overseas factory labor.  The mighty industrial empire constructed during and immediately following WWII began to crumble and with it the valuable sense of community and accomplishment that accompanied these achievements.

In far too many instances, craftsmanship and durability took a backseat to the perceived efficiency of “engineered obsolescence” and the desire of companies to wring the last drop of profit from their operations.  The “global economy” was touted as the new alter at which to worship.  The stock market seemed assured of steady growth.

And then came the sucker punch.

From the bowels of China, a major player in finance, exports and world commerce, emerged a new deadly viral disease notable for the rapidity of its transmission and the lack of both treatment and prevention, particularly cruel in its assault upon the elderly and those whose immune system had been weakened.  Initially, its severity was covered up by a communist government determined to cram the monstrosity back into Pandora’s box.  Unfortunately countries are no longer isolated by oceans or land distance and a constant flow of infected Chinese reached throughout the world in record time.  Due to a lengthy incubation period major population centers failed to immediately realize the danger until the virus had established a stronghold which bloomed into a pandemic.  A few countries such as South Korea and Taiwan successfully applied quick measures to limit the spread of infection but in most cases the threat was minimized or ignored.

Consequently most nations are left scrambling in an effort to constrain the virus and to develop treatment and prevention measures while attempting to maintain the structure necessary to provide basic services for their inhabitants.  The media is as usual doing its best to create hysteria and the politicians are working overtime to cover their negligent asses.

Fortunately science and medicine have made great progress since previous pandemics that ravaged the globe and if people are willing to follow suggested guidelines to combat the threat we should be able to survive this current attack.  Common sense and a modicum of self discipline (both of which appear to be in diminished supply in our current society) can withstand much of the adversity that Mother Nature regularly provides.  Working together is vital for success, particularly when faced with crisis.

America has survived many battles.  Once this threat has been contained our challenge will be to repair our economy and revive the strengths that made our nation a world leader.  Containment will require judicious evaluation and implementation of what has been successful in other countries (mandatory wearing of masks, for instance) plus a strong commitment to the common welfare by a wide spread public acceptance of basic safety procedures designed to hamper the spread of the virus.  And most important, our political establishment at all levels must abandon the destructive partisanship that has hamstrung our efforts to defeat this threat to our people and our nation.

Time is short.  It is way past time to restructure our economic base, to rebuild our manufacturing capabilities around our own labor force, to repair the weaknesses evolving from our dependence on offshore products vital to our health and safety that currently can be utilized as weapons against us.

Personally, I am willing to pay a little more for quality products manufactured here in our country so that our own citizens will benefit from stable jobs and increased opportunity.


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Get. To. Work.

As the American public adjusts (in varying degrees) to life under the threat of the dreaded corona virus the legislative branch of our government reacts in typical fashion.

Our federal government was saddled early on with the reasonably clear duty of protecting the welfare and safety of its citizens.  Unfortunately our Legislative Branch is failing to clear the low bar which it has set to measure its performance over the past decade.  The minority party is of course quick to condemn the efforts of the present Administrative Branch to deal with the obvious health and financial issues presented by a previously unknown disease that in just a few short weeks has proved capable of spreading worldwide chaos.

The Trump administration is taking continuing steps to combat the virus and develop treatment plans and effective vaccinations and currently the U.S. is in various stages of “lock down”, depending upon the local population concentration.  The future will no doubt provide limitless opportunity for the chattering classes to second guess the President regarding the quickness of his reaction to the threat but at this point our nation has not suffered the fatality rate of, for instance China (ground zero for the virus) or Italy.

Unfortunately attempts to structure financial relief for those affected by the voluntary, and in some places mandatory, sheltering in place necessary to constrain the spread of the virus have met with political deadlock.  The Senate crafted a bill which included money for both individuals and businesses plus funding for hospitals and health providers and nearly $200 billion to help state and local governments to deal with the crisis.  The bill needed sixty votes in the Senate to pass.

Unfortunately Republican Rand Paul, who has tested positive for the virus, and four other Republican Senators who had close contact with him have imposed a self-quarantine and were not present to vote.  With no Democratic members of the Senate willing to appear impartial and support the measure thereby incurring the wrath of Minority Leader Democrat Charles Schumer the measure failed.  Democrats are now insisting that time be allocated for a bill to be constructed by House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi that would more closely fit their demands for expansion of funding for food stamps, unemployment compensation and provisions blocking evictions and foreclosures.

Negotiations between congressional Republicans and Democrats have stalled as Democrats introduced several demands for additions to any coronavirus aid package. Those demands reportedly included “increased fuel emissions standards for airlines” as well as an “expansion of wind and solar tax credits.”

The legislative demands came after House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D., S.C.) told House Democrats on Thursday that the coronavirus stimulus represented “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

In other words immediate relief for the public becomes a pawn to political jockeying.

May I suggest that my readers contact their appropriate members of Congress, whatever their political affiliation, and demand that they do their damn job – and remember their resulting actions this November.

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Where Are the Heroes?

“Hero” “A man noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his life”: from The American Heritage Dictionary.  Today the description should be modified by replacing “man” with “person” and “his” with “their” since there are many other than men who meet the qualifications.

During a twenty-year Army career I was privileged to serve with a Medal of Honor recipient who certainly fit the profile.  He was a modest man who avoided talking about the actions involved.  Needless to say, he was highly regarded within our unit.  I have also known those who were recognized for valorous performance (“Valor. Courage and boldness, as in battle: bravery”: obtained from the same information source).  Again, mostly modest individuals who appeared to regard their actions as simply “doing my job as expected”.  Each branch of the military (including the Coast Guard which technically falls under Homeland Security) provides many such sterling performers and so do the ranks of first responders such as law enforcement, fire fighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, etc.  

Such selflessness from these special people is far too often taken for granted even though they are required to take an oath of service to the rest of us when they accept these responsibilities.  Most of them find their satisfaction through dedication and commitment.

Ironically, those who enter into positions of high responsibility through the process of election or appointment are also required to take an oath of office (“service” to the public).  Are there individuals in this group who are genuinely dedicated to improving the welfare of their fellow citizens?  Of course, but I fear that they represent a minority.  All too often the rewards sought from these positions of power are centered on egotistical and financial gain.  Politicians in particular fall prey to these priorities even if they initially have idealistic or moral motivation.

Our current political landscape is both poisonous and corrupt enough to deter many good, talented citizens from entering politics and subjecting themselves and their loved ones to the vicious bombardment of lies and half truths that at this time passes for political campaigning.  Small and petty deportment appears to rule.  Hardly a fertile ground for heroism of valorous acts.

But perhaps we might find a few on whom we can depend to act in the best interests of our nation as a whole.  Some special few who can regard the rule of law, community and national welfare, and morality and integrity as tools to regain the soul of our nation.

Got anyone in mind?  Let me know.


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America is working on solving one of the greatest political riddles in modern times – how to define the allure engendered by a crotchety, 78 year old Socialist with a history of recent heart problems and a unremarkable (if lengthy) tenure in both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate who appears to be on his way to becoming the ranking presidential candidate for the “new” Democratic Party.

And Bernie Sanders as far as I can determine is not even a registered Democrat, having recently voted as an “independent” in the recent charade of the impeachment effort of our current President.

Outside of politics Sanders had struggled to make a living, relying on carpentry and “independent film making and writing” while living in the rural “Northeast Kingdom” area of upstate Vermont. In the mid-1970’s he moved to the much more populated Chittenden County, joined the Liberty Union Party (a Democratic Socialist far-left organization) and used his political contacts to land a parade of minor local governmental positions eventually leading to securing the positions of Mayor of Burlington, Congressional Representative and finally junior Senator from Vermont.

In 1980 Sanders served as an elector for the Socialist Workers Party, a spin-off group from the Communist Party USA, but has since gravitated to what he refers to as a “progressive” orientation and has insisted on an “independent” label while caucusing with the Democrats.

Sanders has not only proudly acclaimed his admiration for European Democratic Socialism, but has repeatedly expressed support for the “successes” of Soviet Russia, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Venezuela’s misery under the tyranny of Hugo Chavez and, most recently, China’s rise to international preeminence, blithely ignoring the suffering and deaths of millions under these regimes.  Bernie Sanders’ goals should he become President are simply expressed, to completely remake the United States into a “social democracy” that guarantees “free” medical care and education at all levels, plus development of many of the Green New Deal programs, all at a cost of tens of trillions of dollars with no current plans as to how to handle the associated costs.

No surprise there since the only money that Sanders has ever earned (other than supposed book royalties) came from taxpayers pockets.  After all, Sanders has declared, what difference is there between 60-odd trillion dollars needed to remake America and the expenditures of things like the $850 billion spent on national defense?

So how to explain the large numbers of Bernie followers, some of whom have threatened violence and destruction ( research Kyle Jurek) if their hero is denied the prize.

There can be no doubt that Donald Trump rode a wave of discontent over the weaknesses of the Republican establishment in winning the Presidency.  The current crop of Democratic establishment presidential candidates is generating the same level of unhappiness among the Democrat Party base and the “circular firing squad” tactics practiced during their publicized debates increases the panic over their ineptness.

In short, the public is visibly fed up with the refusal of both parties establishment members to deal with our nation’s problems and is now searching for alternatives.  Indeed, a rebellion.

One can but hope that the urge to improve our society does not turn to the adoption of socialism, the scourge that has led to misery, death and failure for so many through the centuries.  At least, chances are voters should have a clear choice once the primaries are over with.

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Reaching out

For a number of reasons I have not done much over the past couple of years to keep this blog alive. Life, of course, provides an occasional epiphany that will motivate the most neglectful sluggard.

In June of 2019 I underwent double bypass heart surgery to improve conditions resulting from developing ischemic heart disease. That and my type II diabetes have strong links to Agent Orange, to which I was exposed during a combat tour in Vietnam.

Thanks to my local VA medical professionals, who combined with civilian medical facilities, I received timely treatment and am well on the road to recovery.

I recently put together the following essay which was published in “Military” magazine and which I would like to share with current and past military members, their families and friends in hopes that any of them with developing health issues will be motivated to seek treatment.

For my past readers and (hopefully) new followers, it is my intent to vault back into the saddle and continue to comment on the interesting times in which we live.


From 1966 to 1967 I was assigned to components of the 1st Medical Battalion, First Infantry Division, spending my time in areas northwest of Saigon toward the Cambodian border in base camps such as Lai Khe (which was positioned to intersect the Ho Chi Minh Trail) and Di An and covering an operational area which included the Ho Bo Woods and the Iron Triangle.
My duties varied from accompanying troops on combat operations (where I earned the Combat Medical Badge) to providing security on MEDCAP (Medical Civil Action Program) sorties designed to “win the hearts and minds” of the Vietnamese in rural areas through offering medical and dental services to all comers. We could never be sure as to whether or not some of the medical supplies were restricted to non-combatants only but were generally happy to be able to help the elderly, women and children and escape the area after receiving only an occasional sniper round.
During my thirteen months in country I lived in forest and jungle areas, plus base camps that had been reduced to bare ground and then covered with crushed laterite that was absorbed into your pores at a rate that required several soakings in a bath tub, which was rarely available, in order to leach it out of your skin.
Over the ensuing years I joked with other Vietnam veterans that, considering the assortment of parasites, bugs, and tropical diseases we encountered, “who knows what may crop up in our systems in later years”. Little did we know that we had as much to fear from our own additions to the land of Vietnam as we did from its native environment.
It was only much later that I learned that much of the area occupied by First Infantry Division troops was the target of heavy herbicide operations.
20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, a disease that has been linked to exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides.
In June of 2019 I underwent double bypass surgery to treat Coronary (Ischemic) Artery Disease. During follow up with the head cardiologist at my local Veterans Administration medical facility I learned that this diagnosis is now showing up frequently among Vietnam veterans in my age bracket and is also linked to herbicide exposure. Continuing monitoring and treatment will now be a requirement for the rest of my life.
I urge any of my fellow Vietnam veterans from all military branches to pay close attention to the emergence of symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain and other indications of cardiac distress and seek immediate diagnosis and/or treatment. Ischemic heart disease is a condition that for years may exhibit few if any symptoms and then begin with minor discomforts that may quickly escalate into angina or stroke.
This advice might also be valuable for veterans of any of the Middle East deployments since conversations with many of them validate that the “burn pit” methodology of disposing of unwanted chemicals and other waste material has not only been continued from the Vietnam era, but greatly expanded.
The media as of late has been happy to feature negative stories describing the difficulties that surround VA treatment centers. I cannot speak for other regions, but my experiences here in Maine with the Togus VA Medical Center and its several associated outpatient centers has been uniformly positive, as has the assistance provided to me by staffers of Maine Veterans Services. A new VA program that offers optional treatment to include surgery and follow up services in local community medical facilities proved in my case to be highly satisfactory.
In numerous conversations with other veterans both young and old I have learned that many of the younger returning veterans seem reluctant to become members of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and other organizations that for decades have provided valuable information and services to ex-military personnel in need. While understanding and respecting the experiences and feelings that may fuel this aversion, let me assure any who have served that help is available from many sources, including the retired military community.
All of us, active, reserve components and retired are part of a special group and we support each other.

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In Memorium: George H.W. Bush

This was a special man.

He showed courage throughout his lifetime along with honesty, integrity, dedication, grace, competence, compassion, charity, friendliness and a love of life that he was quick to share with others.  He was fortunate to find in his wife Barbara a soulmate who mirrored his character traits and who provided him with rock solid support during the lifetime that they shared together.

Here in Maine he was loved and respected as much for his retirement time in our state and the community of Kennebunk as for his service to our nation.

Where in politics today can you find a politician of this stature?  It is sad to be so difficult to attempt (and fail) to answer this question.

RIP Mr. President and let us never forget that in his own words his most important titles were “husband, father and grandfather”.

And so we mourn the passing of a fine man whose like we will be most fortunate to ever see again.

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The Winds They Are A-Blowin’

Had I not watched some live coverage from FOX News of President Trump’s recent overseas trip I would have known little about it since the continuing barrage of hysterical attacks insisting the President has proved to be a traitor to America by establishing “back door” connections with the Russian government has dominated the “news” for the last month.

In addition reports insist that he has undermined our nation’s best interests during his address to a gathering of NATO members in Brussels by asserting that only five of the organization’s members have lived up to a 2014 agreement stating that all participants must spend a minimum of two percent of their GDP on defense.

Not to mention the President’s refusal to join a Group of Seven (G7) leaders in pledging to support the Paris Climate Agreement and a visit with Pope Francis that produced a picture of a smiling President standing next to a decidedly sour-faced Pilate.

This negative narrative engineered by the mainstream media neglects to acknowledge the red carpet treatment that President Trump received during his visit to Saudi Arabia and his reaffirming U.S. support for Israel while visiting the Western Wall in East Jerusalem and expressing his desire for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.  It was entirely refreshing during these two visits to mark the courtesy and respect shown to the President, a far cry from the manner in which his predecessor was received.

Other accomplishments are equally ignored such as the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and the resumption of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. Executives in the steel, coal, and manufacturing industries are reporting a new confidence not seen in years, very preliminary statistics concerning economic growth, labor participation, energy production, the stock market, and business and consumer confidence are all positive, and it is reported that in illegal immigration has dropped by 70 per cent. The stock markets continue at a record-breaking pace.

Efforts continue to construct a more advantageous replacement to the Affordable Care Act and the President has made it clear that significant changes need to be made in Defense spending in order to ensure protection for our nation and compliance with our promises to assist our allies.

You might think that all of this could be classified as good news and widely disseminated but instead an unholy alliance of the Liberal Left, the mainstream media, a conglomeration of special interest groups, and the Washington Establishment (to include the “Never Trump” Republican/Conservative branch) continues their jihad to de-legitimize a duly appointed President by taking every opportunity to highlight his “character defects”, smear his family and associates by defamation and lies and obstruct his policy agenda without regard to its potential benefits to America and its citizens.

Quite likely this pathological reaction stems from the recognition by these factions of the danger that this Presidency poses to their closeted, profitable, entitled little universe.  It is utterly unfathomable to these people that the new President appears to have none of the traits of a “successful” politician nor do his actions conform to the norms that the establishment feels that they have created for inhabitants of the Washington “swamp”. Donald Trump uses Tweets in the same fashion as both Roosevelt and Carter employed their “fireside chats”, a direct line of communication with the nation’s people.  Or at least a significant portion of them.

Ironically, it is only in a free society that such contradictory and destructive behavior could be encouraged let alone condoned and even labeled “Patriotic”.  Cultural Marxism has taken root to the extent that the exponents of “critical thinking” are those most intent on reverting to the “reptilian brain”, the source of emotion, rather than exercising the portions of the brain devoted to logic and reason.

Barack Obama loved to flaunt the self-bestowed mantle of an agent of change.  What he and so many others of our self appointed aristocracy have ignored is the fact that the winds of change are capricious and will continue to blow and not always in the expected direction.




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Sure could use a little good news ………

Brings to mind the song sung by Anne Murray some years back.

“I rolled out this morning.  Kids had the mornin’ news show on”; “There’s a local paper rolled up in a rubber band.  One more sad story’s one more than I can stand.”;  “Just once how I’d like to see the headline say, ‘Not much to print today, can’t find nothin’ bad to say.'”; “How I want to hear the anchor man talk about a county fair and how we cleaned up the air, how everybody learned to care”.

That kind of sums it up for me.

I talked with my youngest son today and he told me that he had long ago given up paying much attention to the news.  Too much negativity.  He is concentrating on making a good life for him and his new wife and hoping to use his talents as a graphic designer to maybe make a difference somewhere outside of his growing family circle.

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I paid an infrequent visit to live theater and viewed a stage production of “Pippin” which has been billed as “a high-flying, death-defying hit musical full of extraordinary acrobatics, wondrous magical feats and soaring songs from the composer of WICKED.”  And, “This unforgettable new production will lift you up and leave you smiling!”

It sure did ….. even though it took both of us a little time to catch on to what this was all about.  And we agreed that we walked away with a new understanding about how while youth and inexperience sometimes lead us to imagine and pursue grand scenarios based on how we see ourselves as exceptional people destined for exceptional lives, we not infrequently find deep satisfaction in discovering that “ordinary” lives and activities prove to be deeply rewarding.

So, I did a quick search for what I think is “a little good news”.

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims continue to drop after peaking in 2008-2009.  In my home state of Maine businesses gearing up for the tourist season are reporting that there are more available jobs than there are applicants even with significant numbers of out-of-state workers (including none-citizens) applying.

Coal miners are going back to work in large numbers in Kentucky and Tennessee

The American Steel industry is showing signs of improvement.

Many industry-smothering executive orders and regulations from the Obama administration are being overturned.

The National Anthem and the Canadian National Anthem are still rendered (sometimes quite beautifully) prior to the beginning of professional hockey games involving teams from those two countries …… and during the Stanley Cup Playoffs each completed series features the opposing teams shaking hands no matter how hard-fought and occasionally acrimonious the contests may have been.

Locally:  A regional Boy Scouts Jamboree was well attended in my home town of Freeport, ME.  My local Masonic Lodge is looking forward to our next monthly public supper that provides not only a home cooked meal at a reasonable price by also an opportunity for some of our older residents to get out and socialize with their neighbors.

The majority of support (93.3%) for American art consisting of nonprofit performing arts groups and museums comes from the private sector (including 8.4% from corporations) while all government, including Federal and local, contributions amount to 6.7 percent.  With the National Endowment for the Arts contributing 1.2 percent the defunding of this particular agency would hardly result in, as described by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof  “(how) the Romans must have felt in 456 A.D. as the barbarians conquered and ushered in the dark ages”.

Darned if I don’t feel a little bit better.  How about you?


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Mea Culpa

I am indeed guilty of a lack of faith by questioning now-President Donald J. Trump’s potential to defeat not only Hillary Clinton in her egomaniacal quest for the White House but also the vast majority of the mainstream media, the “Washington Establishment” (both parties), most members of the “entitlement” voting block, government and civil unions, Democrats in general, and the Left in all its virulent and hysterical forms.  Yup, he was not my first choice as a candidate and many questions for me continued to surface over his conduct and “Presidential-timbre”.  But faced with the prospect of Hillary and Bill Clinton once again in a position to pillage and loot America I cast my vote in hope that a miracle was in store and our nation would have the opportunity to escape the ravages, restriction and ennui imposed over eight years of rule under an inept, anti-American miscreant.

I have never been so happy to be wrong in my evaluation.

It is alone worthwhile to relax and observe the nearly total demoralization of President Trump’s opponents, the caterwauling, weeping, gnashing of teeth, the other-worldly retreat into their hastily constructed cocoons while impotently lashing out with ludicrous accusations of everything from a Russian takeover of municipal voting machines to FBI collusion in plotting to defeat a poor, helpless victim of the ever-present “Right Wing Conspiracy”.  Liberalism has been described as a “mental illness” and the reaction of so many of those apparently terrorized by the prospect of this new President really does indicate leanings in that direction.

For those with an open mind, and there are many of all political persuasions, races, religions and creeds, the general reaction appears to be “let’s give this guy a chance”.  After all, he is a successful businessman and perhaps it is time to give a results-oriented individual the opportunity to solve some of the problems facing our country that the elites and the political class have ignored for so long in favor of advancing their own interests. President Trump has promised to steer government toward working for the best interests of the American people.

Perhaps the results of this latest election will truly result in the long-awaited “hope and change” that was promised and fecklessly abandoned eight long years ago.

Why not give him a chance?

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