Football, Politics and Winning

Not necessarily in that order

Seems to me that there are many adults in our society who have experienced or are participating in organized team athletics – or who have been members of the military, or a corporate work group who have been designated as a “team”. The term can generally be understood as a group who has come together to achieve a common goal. Reaching that goal can be labeled a “win” and the happiness and satisfaction that result usually make the hard work, frequent self sacrifice and sometimes physical discomfort worthwhile.

There are various types of goals, each relegated to the kind of activity involved. In sports it is usually the highest score or the physical dominance of an opponent. If business related it can be profit margin or production levels or the construction of a dwelling. The functionality of a team is directly affected by the abilities of its members, their training and knowledge, their morale, and their leadership. All of these things may not always result in immediately reaching a stated goal but through diligence and planning can gradually gain performance improvement. Achievement is never guaranteed and a team creator must always be on the lookout for varying ways to reach the determined goals.

So ….. sports ….. winning …….. but politics? Bear with me.

Having been part of some moderately successful football teams I am going to employ that sport to illustrate a premise.

First we need to specify a goal or a “win”. How about the welfare and safety of the United States and its citizens? That should qualify as a common goal.

Now we can move on to the structure of the team. We choose a head coach (for this example we will use a “President”) along with a number of assistant coaches (Congress) to implement game plans and run practices involving a multitude of players and supporting staff (government employees). Let’s make this a little tougher and make this a “professional” team. So far so good.

But wait …… we need to identify an audience – fans, supporters, some supporting faction to justifying the forming of the team. Okay, let’s just rope in citizens as a group.

Finding the right players is always a challenge even when the talent pool is large, so the selection process must be carefully planned and executed. Choosing only the coaching staff’s offspring or relatives is unlikely to produce the cream of the crop. Therefore it would be sensible to employ a rigorous and extensive grading process to find the best possible candidates. For the team that we are building we could require that candidates show evidence of a history of superior performance culminating in an actual test of their present capabilities.

So after a lot of time and effort the team is up and running and takes the field. Oooops! Their initial and subsequent games prove disastrous. The coaching staff appears disorganized and whatever playbook they are using shows limited thought and preparation, not to mention an obvious lack of leadership. The team reflects these negatives by poor performance and lack of motivation, many of them ignoring the concept of teamwork and concentrating on “being the star”. Things need to change and soon since their “audience” is beginning to drift away in disgust. If this happened to be a professional football team reorganization and firings would result as the ownership of the franchise made decisions to reorient their team into a winning frame of mind.

But wait; this is metaphor that uses a team sport to represent a nation’s government. Something is missing. Oh yeah, ownership. Someone has to take charge of this debacle and at the end of the day it comes down to the folks who are paying the bills. And if the light goes on and you mutter, “The taxpayers”, congratulations. The Team (the government) sure isn’t performing well enough to be a winner and they sure are not earning their salaries.

In other words folks, they are forgetting who actually owns the franchise and in my estimation they need to be reminded of that and if we vote with winning in mind we should be able to get our money’s worth.

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Spending Our Way to Prosperity?

Basic economics seem to have little to do with the Biden administration’s approach to America’s financial health and growth.

COVID relief funding is estimated to have cost $3.49 trillion at this point and the Congress is tying itself in knots over two additional plans totaling somewhere north of an additional $3 trillion, the greatest portion of which can only be described as simply old fashioned “pork”. Joe Biden has repeatedly promised that all of this largesse would impose “zero cost” on the public since it would be paid for by forcing corporations and the rich to “pay their fair share”.These last two bills consist of thousands of pages which of course few if any members of Congress have completely read, let alone understand. Plus, we still do not know what effect all of this verbiage may produce because Rep. Richard Neal, the head of the House Ways and Means Committee, has stated he wants to “hold off on the details of the bill until we are at the alter”. Remember that same game plan that introduced us to Obamacare? Everyone will have the chance to read the bill after it is passed.

But to get back to all of the money that is supposedly going to be harvested from the rich and the corporate entities: there are, of course, special circumstances for special people and “essential businesses”. Rock stars, for instance are allowed a tax break allowing them to deduct “the cost of qualified sound productions” by up to $150,000 each taxable year. For those who would like an electric bike Congress will provide a 15% refundable tax credit for each purchase. Union members will be able to deduct their union dues from their taxable income.

There are a raft of provisions extending the subsidization of electric vehicles including not only a $7,500 tax credit for a new vehicle purchase but also a $2,500 break for buying a used electric vehicle. Wind and solar industries are scheduled to receive many billions more from the taxpayers despite repeated assurances as to how cost efficient renewable energy has become.

To be sure, Democrats do try their best to reward their base by including such specials as exempting “local news journalists” from the employer side of their payroll tax. and expanding the reach of the Davis-Bacon Act (which forces federal contractors to pay higher wages on their projects) to include water. sewage, and highway plans.

The old shell game is in full force here, folks. Keep your eye on the pea now ….. Federal “free” money has to come from somewhere and since the government does not produce products for sale then it demands revenue from taxpayers to pay for “services”. The public in general would hardly approve of enormous amounts of money elicited only through crushing taxation and only so much money can be printed or borrowed before the house of cards disintegrates.

Far too many of the members of our government have made their fortunes through their prestigious positions. Biden, for instance, with over nearly a half century of “public service”, now owns two properties valued at approximately $2 million each, receives $400,00 yearly salary as President, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars associated with a professors’ position at the University of Pennsylvania, and along with his wife has received millions from speaking engagements.

As a career politician, Biden’s story is not unusual. Still, his administration is becoming known for its spendthrift ways and he shows little indication to rein in the cascading debt that is building a huge threat to America’s prosperity. While he boasts of rising employment and wages, inflation is more than eating up any gains and with his disastrous energy policies the worst is yet to come.

It becomes more and more evident that Biden administration policies are not crafted by the President but are served up to him by his handlers to present to a gullible public as he stumbles through another another embarrassing appearance.

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Biden Watch III

I recently read an editorial in the September 28 edition of the Washington Examiner that illuminated news that the Biden administration recently had set limits for the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID due to a “potential shortage” of the drugs, which have proven 70% effective in keeping infected people out of the hospital, despite there being no evidence of any shortage nationwide.

These restrictions, which in the case of Alabama reduced the state’s request by 50%, appeared to be focused on states including Texas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and other locations south of the Mason/Dixon line. Under the new Federal “State/Territory-Coordinated Distribution System” HHS Department of Health and Human Services) determines the weekly distribution amount for states and territories based on case burden (cases and hospitalizations) and utilization based on data supplied by state and territorial health departments who identify which mAb administration sites in their jurisdictions receive product and how much product they receive.

Many but certainly not all of the states involved have been noted by the Biden administration to have comparatively low vaccination rates accompanied by increased incidences of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2.

By now the nation should be well accustomed to the “presidential pettiness” exhibited by Joe Biden when confronted by strident opposition to his torrent of executive orders but this particular edict which seems to be designed specifically for “red” states, some with low vaccination rates who have dug in their heels against his demands for universal masking for children and continued school closings, is particularly odious.

Should an American President decide who gets the treatment necessary to survive based on their politics?

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Biden Watch II

“Duty, honor, country”, a phrase first coined in a speech presented by General Douglas MacArthur at West Point on 12 May 1962 on the occasion of his receiving the Sylvanus Thayer Award. These few simple words have since come to represent the ethos and commitment that have distinguished America’s military. In return for their pledge to protect their fellow citizens and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, these public servants have been generally held in high esteem.

But as I write this, retired General and now Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, head of the Joints Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark Milley, and CENTCOM Commander Marine Corps General Kenneth McKenzie, Jr. are testifying before Congress in an attempt to justify the horrendous abandonment of American citizens and equipment to the ministrations of the new Taliban government of Afghanistan. Of these notables only one is a West Point graduate, the well from which General MacArthur was drawn.

I have watched with growing dismay the transition of members the higher ranks of the U.S. military from warrior to politician and/or highly paid “consultants” to corporations constituting the defense industry. If they are to be efficient, military leaders must win the trust and respect of their subordinates and these efforts cannot diminish simply because of promotion. Leadership and responsibility go hand in hand. What I see so far in connection with the Afghanistan debacle are craven attempts at high levels to dodge the responsibility by redirecting blame for failure away from the current administration and toward other past and present participants.

In contrast, one might turn to retired Marine Corps General and former Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis, a combat leader at numerous levels, who resigned from President Trump’s cabinet because he found himself unable to comply with policy decisions that he considered untenable. A principled man.

An organization tends to reflect the characteristics of its leadership. During his decades of “public service” Joe Biden has shown no evidence of either honor or principles. Nor has he indicated firm policies, instead adjusting his intent to reflect the vagaries of public opinion. Perhaps most telling he has used his political standing to consistently enrich himself and, most recently, to enable his drug-addicted son to enrich the Biden family through influence peddling connected with opponents such as Russia and China.

And perhaps worst of all, from the perspective of a retired soldier, Biden and his high-ranking sycophants have violated the most sacred of military tenets: “leave no comrade behind”.

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Biden Watch

Events over the past few months have convinced me that our nation is in peril. As usual, we have enemies abroad dedicated to our destruction. In addition there is at least an equal if not rising danger to be dealt with.

In an oath of office required for elected and appointed officials, military members and other federal employees the dedication to protect our country and defend our Constitution from “all enemies both foreign and domestic” is explicitly included. Currently there are far too many individuals who have taken this oath with no intention of living up to it.

I have always had one rule when it came time to attend the ballot box and that is when it comes to politicians base the choice on not what they say but what they have done during their careers. Usually and particularly in recent years this course of action results in attempting to estimate which candidate will do the least damage during their upcoming tenure.

Based on this concept it was easy for me to make a selection. Former President Barack Obama reportedly once said “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”. Joe Biden’s selection to be Obama’s running mate was a tactically sound move – with an utterly lackluster political history such as Biden’s Obama no doubt felt secure about his own lack of competent performance. After all, who would ever want Joe Biden to sit in the oval office?

Apparently a lot of people who were repulsed by “mean things” that had been said by the sitting President and were willing to overlook some positive actions that had been implemented to improve the economy, construct safe borders, stabilize foreign relations, and create energy independence.

So we are now faced with rule by an incompetent, irritable, corrupt, senile old fool who has in a few short months created utter chaos in both foreign and domestic policies. Of course to be fair, it is likely that all of the responsibility for this mess does not lie exclusively with Biden. It is completely obvious that someone who spends a limited amount of time performing his official duties, cannot make a cogent public statement without frigidly fixing on a teleprompter, and frequently responds to questions from the press corps thereafter with, “I was told not to talk with you guys” is hardly capable of even forming policy decisions let alone executing them.

Biden’s so called “Presidency” presents what the military refers to as a “target rich environment” and my intent is to regularly bring to my readers attention more of these egregious activities as they occur. I suspect that there may be some Biden voters who are beginning to regret their choice – or at least I hope that holds true. Polls in general seem to reflect a sharp downturn in confidence in the Biden administration and with luck this will be reason for careful consideration in the upcoming elections.

I hope that you come along with me for the ride.

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You and I have been together for awhile. You welcomed me in 1942, smack dab in the maelstrom of WWII.

Things were pretty rocky back then. Three separate nations were convinced that they stood a good chance of taking over the world and were busily attacking their neighbors while frenetically forming and breaking alliances during their race to the top. What they had not counted on was the “awakening of a sleeping giant” (a quote which popular history attributes to Japanese Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto) following the Japanese attack on American naval forces based at Pearl Harbor. With memories of the horrors of WWI still fresh America was initially reluctant to fully commit to another extensive battle but this new international attack proved impossible to ignore.

America’s alliances with both European and Asiatic nations then provided desperately needed assistance in halting the tide of fascism and totalitarianism that threatened the existence of more liberal governments the world over. America quickly established an industrial base and a national will that refused to knuckle under, a combination that carried forward through the next decade and a half until a misguided sense of hubris in the early 1960’s embroiled us in a series of misguided military adventures that continue today.

My 20-year military career coincided with some of the international and social unrest engineered by various adversaries of our nation, designed to implant a rot that would eventually weaken one of the strongest advocates of freedom in the world so that fascism and totalitarianism might again mount their assault on free will and governance. Their efforts have clearly born poisonous fruit.

America’s continuing progress to unify our nation has been diverted by the planned rise of special interest groups whose purpose is to divide rather than unify. Our flag is derided by some as “just a piece of cloth” rather than the symbol of a national unity that is available to all who are willing to comply with the citizenship requirements and general laws of government designed by our Founding Fathers. Young people indoctrinated by historical revisionists openly express their “shame and embarrassment” of being Americans while many others bereft of any understanding of what life is like in other countries advocate for their failed and ruinous policies.

But I remember a great nation whose shining potential once – and still does – provides a beacon drawing other denizens of planet earth. I remember, as do others within my circle of relatives, friends, neighbors and beyond, what great things our nation is capable of achieving if only its people rise to require inspiring, capable, honest and ethical leadership designed to make the most of our inherent strengths.

We love you America and we pray for the opportunity to once again enjoy the blessings that our devotion to your precepts can provide.

Happy Birthday.

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Want Your Life Back?

There are times that surely do “try men’s souls” and we are smack dab in the middle of one of them. Even though we are beginning to emerge from the wasteland created by The Virus there is still an uphill climb when it comes to reinvigorating a collapsed economy often hampered by ideological and bureaucratic interference. Plus, a significant number of citizens have decided that enjoying massive government subsidies is preferable to returning to work, leaving millions of jobs unfilled and employers struggling to keep their businesses afloat. Thanks to one of the most divisive political atmospheres in recent history our government seems unable to reach even the most basic levels of the agreement required to enable our representative republic to function. So where do we turn?

The current administration and its Progressive manipulators appear to be hell bent on force feeding Marxist-oriented centralized bureaucracy to Americans, which is as far from the intent contained within the founding documents of the United States as can be imagined. Of course we are long removed from the small agrarian society from which our current sprawling, diverse collection of individual states has evolved. Still, our nation has prospered under a Constitution which has supplied guidance for over two and one half centuries. An yet today this icon is under sustained attack from within and what has been an accepted tool to bind us together is now viewed by some as an outdated and ineffective burden in dire need of revision in order to reflect modern trends.

Popular trends make lousy building blocks for a stable society. The tenet of “Duty, Honor, Country” has long provided motivation and guidance for members of the United States military, a concept which requires an exceptional level of commitment from only a qualified few. But what if we promoted allegiance to “Family, Faith and Community” as a unifying tool for the general public? After all, it is a recognizable fact that governance is most efficient at its smallest level. Take a moment and ask yourself if the inhabitants of the sprawling morass federal government truly represents your needs and desires.

Family is the corner stone of most societies and a weak family structure contributes mightily to many of America’s current societal woes. In the past families new to our shores brought ambition and talent that strongly contributed to our nation’s growth. Representatives from all corners of the earth came to make a new home, bringing remnants of their varying cultures to mix with a new political concept that offered social and economic growth. Assimilation strengthened our society by requiring acceptance while still valuing cultural and religious differences. My own family circle includes descendants of several European countries, Black Americans, and Asians, coupled with a mix of religious preferences. And all of this variety has melded into a strong and supportive group that looks after its members.

Faith is an important building block that interlocks perfectly with the other two components in that it depends upon certain tenets recognized and accepted by all of its varieties. In its most recognizable form, organized religion, it provides succor and relief from the general vicissitudes of life through providing a clear moral path that is manifested in both temporal and spiritual rewards shared within a structured group. But faith is also strongly connected with both family and community in that in its absence one is truly alone and more vulnerable to the dark side of human nature.

Community, the third partner in what could be loosely termed a triumvirate, extends the capabilities of the other two components. Acting in unison they together provide a strength that can enable its members to prosper. Local law enforcement, schools, fire departments road maintenance and other types of infrastructure form the necessary ordinary services that ensure safety and a basic level of comfort. Various civic organizations such as Rotary Clubs, Lions/Lioness, Masonic Lodges, Elks, Eagles and many others expand the support network, addressing specific needs identified through knowledge of the community which is supplied by its members, not by faceless bureaucrats making decisions from locations far away from the problem.

Please note that each of the building blocks that form this approach demand active, informed, and dedicated individual participation. Make no mistake, the strong America that was once a recognized beacon for those who wished for a better life has been weakened by an organized attack on the beliefs that supported our society. The anti-Americans are emboldened by the disunity that they have sown. We can win our country back, but only if we dedicate ourselves to fight this attempted takeover at the most basic levels of our society, utilizing the tools that have proven to be the most reliable.

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A Clear Warning – As if We Needed It

Central and South America are figuring large in the news these days what with The Puppet’s egregious “handling” of the crisis at our southern border but there is equal if not larger cause for concern if we ignore the lessons to be learned through careful examination of the “progress” experienced by some of the countries that make up the region.

A standout example is Venezuela which at one point was the wealthiest of those countries but under the ministrations of Hugo Chavez, who was influenced by such exemplary socialist paradises as Cuba, Russia and China, managed to squander its riches and descend into the economic and social hell usually reserved for nations noted for their lack of a stable and productive economy, poverty, and tyranny.

But in a recent article penned by Stephen Moore and featured in The Washington Examiner the emergent plight of Chile should be a incandescent warning for the future of America. Consider the following.

In the 1970’s Chile invested in a massive economic reform, calling in a small group of University of Chicago free market economists led by Milton Friedman, with the intent of redesigning the Chilean economy. What resulted was a system featuring individual property rights, a low flat income tax, privatization of the Social Security system, and industry deregulation – what Friedman referred to in 1991 as “the three freedoms: economic freedom, political freedom, and individual freedom”. Friedman then speculated (to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin’s answer when questioned regarding what kind of government the newly minted American Constitution provided), “It will be interesting to see if they can keep it” (a Republic).

For four decades Chile prospered. From a study published by Cato Institute’s Axel Kaiser, “Between 1975 and 2015 per capita income in Chile quadrupled to $23,000, the highest rate in Latin America ………. poverty fell from 45 percent to 8 percent” as Chile became one of the wealthiest nations in South America in a mere three decades.

Of course these free market reforms enraged the Marxists and members of the intellectual class of Latin America who promptly labeled Friedman and his cohorts as “fascists” and with the help of like-minded stooges in the American media spent decades attacking the policies responsible for this remarkable transformation by inventing a narrative of “inequality”, insisting that “the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer”, and that capitalism was the root of evil.

Adhering to the Marxist playbook, they infiltrated all of the institutions that provided the foundations of Chilean culture; the media, the schools, the universities, the Catholic Church, the arts, the unions, and even the corporate boardrooms, while spreading their poisonous creed of collectivism to the populace. Leftist persistence won out when in 2013 the Left won the Chilean presidency, systematically replacing the free market reforms with “spread the wealth” promises while encouraging a rewrite of the constitution that would endanger both property rights and the rule of law.

“Equality” has now been achieved in Chile because the upward mobility of the poor has been crushed while those with the means to do so are pulling their money out of the country ensuring that misery and suffering is the norm for nearly all citizens.

And why, you might ask, should we be concerned over the plight of Chile? Some reflection might provide the answer.

The current administration promises to help our citizens by handing out trillions of dollars of “free” (taxpayer) money often providing more cash for working than for not working. This idiocy will be financed by borrowing vast amounts of money and praying that the Chinese will continue to buy our bonds and that our currency holds up. And of course a massive “soak the rich” (the job creators and the productive class) tax increase has already been promised by the puppet-in-chief after being instructed by his handlers.

Stephen Moore lays it out in excruciatingly clear detail: “Many of our constitutional protections and congressional rules of behavior, such as the filibuster, which protects the rights of the minority, may be headed to the shredder. The election laws are getting rewritten to benefit, significantly, the party now in power – the Democrats. The House has passed a bill requiring millions of working-class people to join unions and pay dues. The Left is saying, don’t worry, this compulsion is going to help the working class. Sure.”

Can most thinking Americans perceive a similarity between the woes of Chile and the impending disaster that would result from America’s abandonment of a Representative Republic and capitulation to the Progressive movement? There may be hope, depending on the results of the next election.

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The Rule of Law – Forget It!

Under this new administration such a concept as following proscribed law designed to protect our nation and its citizens is now verboten. The puppet residing in the White House has throughout his long political career remained a constant advocate for whatever comprehensive immigration reform pipe dream offered by those who regard hordes of “”undocumented residents” as a prime source of voters devoted to their Democratic saviors. Biden has now flouted both law and common sense by creating open borders and encouraging the stampede of illegal crossings.

Let’s be honest: Barack Obama made no secret of his plans to remake America to conform to his globalist, progressive, socialist model that had been implanted by his Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis who instructed a young and impressionable novice in the means of obtaining the power needed to carry out such a reformation. During his tenure as president, Obama soon learned the value of class warfare and employed this tactic consistently both while campaigning and while governing. One party domination is essential to achieve the socialist state, but total control escaped the Obama/Biden administration since opposing parties held enough political clout to thwart their ambitious plans.

We now teeter on the razor edge of one party rule, with essentially a third Obama term engineered by the former President from strategic offices located in Alexandria, VA and Chicago, implemented by “professionals” selected from a pool of former Obama devotees and newly appointed by the puppet.

Biden mindlessly signs an avalanche of executive orders placed in front of him by his handlers including an immigration catchall wish list constructed by a toxic mix of leading Democratic and Republican politicians, Deep State permanent federal government employees, open borders advocates, groups funded by George Soros, and Big Business including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. With Biden’s open endorsement of destabilizing border restrictions the cat is now out of the bag and hordes of illegal immigrants are now overwhelming weakened security on our nation’s southern border, ignoring our long standing laws against illegal immigration. Biden’s administration staunchly denies any “crisis” while indiscriminately allowing families, unaccompanied children, criminals, drug purveyors, and the COVID virus access to the interior.

The media, most of which is busily working at pinning blame for the horrendous conditions facing adults and unaccompanied children at detention centers on the Trump administration , has been banned by Biden overseers from filming the deteriorating situation and continues to ignore the truly dangerous situation faced by not only by border cities and towns but also the results of thousands of undocumented individuals who have been turned loose to travel at will throughout the United States without even facing the previous requirement of being given a court date to plead their case to be allowed to remain in this country.

Casting an avaricious eye to the future, progressives are planning “comprehensive immigration reform” measures to include open borders, sanctuary policies, and mainstreaming illegal aliens into American life through taxpayer-funded giveaways such as increased social welfare benefits and free college tuition all designed to foster gratitude and dependency from the new arrivals who (if projected election law revisions denying voter ID and voter roll accuracy are passed) could then ensure Democratic control for the future.

It is all about power, folks, and the immigration mess and its unfolding results are only the beginning of the end of America as we know it and the implementation of the socialist state that Obama has long planned for.

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A Battle for Control

“Elections have consequences!” And boy, did this last one ever live up to that statement. What we are now immersed in is a definitive period for America.

The Democratic Party along with its far-Left contingent, has long lusted for domination of our nation’s political landscape and now having settled into the Presidency plus holding majorities in both the House and the Senate is preparing to force our citizens under the stifling blanket of Progressivism. Joe Biden, who campaigned as an old school moderate Democrat, has doddered his way through signing stacks of executive orders created by his handlers while avoiding press conferences which would require him to interact with questions initiated by a live group of “reporters”, one of whom might require a thoughtful response not dictated by a teleprompter.

Despite his scripted blather about bringing the nation together every action Biden has so far taken seems designed to punish the roughly seventy-five plus millions who voted against him and in addition significant numbers of the slightly larger contingent who, for varying reasons, rejected his opponent. Many of these dictates appear contradictory or even ill-advised and if closely and judicially examined reveal the intent to reward the many special interest groups who coalesced to ensure a Democratic victory. While in varying degrees the usual result of any national election in this case rather than indicating a movement toward national cohesion, many of these entities have made clear their desire to destroy and then rebuild America to suit their expectations.

The past year has provided fertile ground for these revolutionaries. A worldwide pandemic has generated the fear that allows tyranny to gain a foothold and then bloom. Our nation, through its Constitution, was designed to decentralize government through means of a Representative Republic which allows federal governing rights limited to “only those not relegated to the States”. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches were designed to act as equal partners each subject to oversight by the others in order to avoid the perils of tyranny or monarchy. Thus our original system of government was predicated to be most efficient in a localized form organized and administered within the communities that are its origin.

Instead we have allowed the unfettered expansion of a distant, dictatorial and unresponsive Leviathan that demands an ever-increasing obeisance and demands an increasing percentage of the fruits of our labors. This is explained as necessary for the public good, something that the masses are unable to determine for themselves without direction from an elite class whose intellectual and moral superiority is to remain unquestioned.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in our nation’s capital where our elected “representatives” congregate behind barbed wire, barricades and armed troops to decide what new methods of control can be imposed to avoid any usurpation or disruption of their manipulation of our country’s freedoms.

Democrats are now in charge and in the upcoming months they will make sure that you understand that. It is truly unfortunate that there was not sufficient opposition during the past election to avoid this perilous situation we now find ourselves in. We cannot depend on the current Republican leadership, nor most of the media, nor even on the few elected officials who exhibit the moral and ethical character required to support the Republic.

“The creation of a culture in which people are scared to say what they mean is the beginning of the end of freedom” (Toki Theodoracopulous). If we continue to travel down this road toward serfdom without insisting that our rights as a free people are maintained the future is preordained. We need to stand up and face our oppressors.

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