Mea Culpa

I am indeed guilty of a lack of faith by questioning now-President Donald J. Trump’s potential to defeat not only Hillary Clinton in her egomaniacal quest for the White House but also the vast majority of the mainstream media, the “Washington Establishment” (both parties), most members of the “entitlement” voting block, government and civil unions, Democrats in general, and the Left in all its virulent and hysterical forms.  Yup, he was not my first choice as a candidate and many questions for me continued to surface over his conduct and “Presidential-timbre”.  But faced with the prospect of Hillary and Bill Clinton once again in a position to pillage and loot America I cast my vote in hope that a miracle was in store and our nation would have the opportunity to escape the ravages, restriction and ennui imposed over eight years of rule under an inept, anti-American miscreant.

I have never been so happy to be wrong in my evaluation.

It is alone worthwhile to relax and observe the nearly total demoralization of President Trump’s opponents, the caterwauling, weeping, gnashing of teeth, the other-worldly retreat into their hastily constructed cocoons while impotently lashing out with ludicrous accusations of everything from a Russian takeover of municipal voting machines to FBI collusion in plotting to defeat a poor, helpless victim of the ever-present “Right Wing Conspiracy”.  Liberalism has been described as a “mental illness” and the reaction of so many of those apparently terrorized by the prospect of this new President really does indicate leanings in that direction.

For those with an open mind, and there are many of all political persuasions, races, religions and creeds, the general reaction appears to be “let’s give this guy a chance”.  After all, he is a successful businessman and perhaps it is time to give a results-oriented individual the opportunity to solve some of the problems facing our country that the elites and the political class have ignored for so long in favor of advancing their own interests. President Trump has promised to steer government toward working for the best interests of the American people.

Perhaps the results of this latest election will truly result in the long-awaited “hope and change” that was promised and fecklessly abandoned eight long years ago.

Why not give him a chance?

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Will We learn From Past Mistakes?

This November voters are faced with momentous decisions.  We are nearing what could be the most important, vital Presidential election that Americans have faced in many decades. Will the voters continue to base far-reaching political consequences on mainly emotional urges rather than factual information and careful evaluation?

As an independent, or “unaffiliated” voter, I profess no Party loyalty although due to my Jacksonian leanings (to include anti-elitism and egalitarianism, tough-on-crime stances, stubborn adherence to traditional views on social issues including acceptance of government assistance for “deserving” members of our citizenry, skepticism of Wilsonian nation-building projects but a willingness to fight to protect our nation when threatened, and drawing a sharp distinction between members of our nation and those unwilling to assimilate into our culture) I prefer the policies of the right rather than the left.

Nonetheless, I maintain that in reality there are not two political parties labeled Democrat and Republican that constitute our political class in America, but instead only one major political party in our country; The Party of Incumbents.  This self-appointed elite group pretends to manifest divisiveness, while collectively pursuing their main objective – to remain in power and enjoy the privileges of their exalted positions while avoiding their constitutional responsibility to manage the concerns of our nation.

They are slavishly aided and abetted by a motley crew made up of sycophants, bureaucrats, a majority of the academic world and most of the media who make a very comfortable living stirring up never ending controversy with the aid of so called “moderate” politicians such as the RINO’s Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe and “Independents” such as Senators Bernie Sanders and Angus King.  Even notable publications who labor under the conservative label, The National Review and The Weekly Standard for example, are sufficiently terrified of the perceived threat from the outsider Donald Trump that they devote reams of copy to degrade his campaign for the Presidency.  And of course there are the “Never Trump” Republicans who blindly subvert the efforts of their own Party, in effect supporting Hillary Clinton by rejecting the legal choice of their Party members.

In so many previous elections, this collusion has produced a choice between two representatives of the “Washington Establishment” with the election of either guaranteeing that the corruption and decay continues unabated.  Therefore our “representative government” features an Executive Branch which is arguably the most corrupt, inept and unconstitutional in the history of our country, a Judicial Branch that has been so thoroughly politicized that some of its members openly take part in the elections process and rewrite statutory law, and a Legislative Branch (Congress) that has abdicated its oversight responsibilities in regard to the other two while avoiding its major duty to create and make adjustments to the rule of law that distinguishes America from all other governments.

Today we are faced with a world in upheaval: rampant economic distress in many nations; chaos among the volatile national elements that  constitute the Middle East; the breakdown of international borders and the accompanying refugee crises; growing threats of territorial encroachment on their neighbors from both Russia and China.  And perhaps most urgent, a growing cultural war that employs terrorism as its favorite weapon in a resurgent campaign with world domination as its goal.

Our past Presidential and Congressional choices have led us to the disintegration of a once proud nation, internal division along racial and social lines, and deterioration of prestige and power in the eyes of both allies and enemies.

And once again we are faced with two choices.

I am not willing to place my trust for the next four years in a thoroughly unlikable, monumentally hypocritical, frighteningly avaricious, strikingly incompetent, completely lacking in moral or ethical stature individual only because “it is time for a woman President”.  Blind desire for the politically correct image of a minority head of our nation led to the election (twice, astoundingly) of perhaps the least well-prepared presidential candidate available and look where that has landed us.

There are those who say that election of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency would result in simply “more of the same”, but I would differ.  In my opinion her election would produce an unparalleled catastrophe that would guarantee the demise of America.  She has already proven that though foreign governments contributing millions of dollars to The Clinton Foundation during her tenure as Secretary Of State that her insider influence is readily available to not only other nations, but also to the “Wall Street plunderers” that she has so vociferously denigrated but from whom she eagerly accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars in obscene fees for minimal speeches – not to mention the campaign contributions from the one percent of “obscenely wealthy” constituting the “rich” (a group that she has now joined shortly after leaving her stint as First Lady).  Such unbridled greed would be an irresistible lure for our enemies both foreign and domestic.

The recently concluded Democratic Convention paints a most revealing picture of what a nation with Hillary Clinton in its top leadership position can expect.  Uniformed law enforcement was noticeably absent within the confines of the convention hall, but several mothers of departed minority miscreants slain during altercations with police were paraded before the delegates.  No American flags were initially posted within the hall. Hysterical devotees screamed their approval as speaker after speaker castigated the evil Trump while forgoing any solid platform that would address the problems that our nation and its people face.

Which brings us to our only other choice, someone who the Washington establishment, which consists of the Party of Incumbents and their fellow travelers to include bureaucrats, most of the media and a distressing number of corporate and financial entities, lives in abject fear of.  Only a year ago we were assured that such a buffoon, a mere real estate mogul, a vulgar nouveau riche cretin would never become the Republican challenger that would face the anointed Queen Hillary.  For some of us acquainted with major conflicts the old adage that “the best-laid battle plans last only until the first shot is fired” (along with Murphy’s Law) applies in spades this time around.

Would Mr. Trump be my first choice as a candidate for President?  Nope.

But many of us are convinced that “Washington is broken” and that corruption runs wide and deep.  The simple fact that the leadership of both “political parties” is terrified that an outsider has gained enormous popularity is enough to compel me to take a careful look at the potential that Donald Trump has to change the ways that Washington adopted. If nothing else, a President Trump might create enough opposition to galvanize Congress into actually uniting to do the work that the voters elected them to do.

Trump has a solid record of achievement in the business world as do the other members of his voluble and attractive family.  Despite the desperate attempts of his opponents in both parties to picture him as ignorant, reckless, unstable and undependable, he most likely will appoint competent people (rather than ideologues) to help set the United States back on the right path.

Make no mistake: electing Hillary Clinton will ensure another four to eight years of the decline, divisiveness, and angst that bedevil our once proud and successful nation. Defeating her and the oppressive, anti-American behemoth that the Democratic Party has become.  Keep in mind that the Democrats always bombard their opponents with accusations of ill behavior in order to cover up their own moral and ethical transgressions.

As with all politicians focus on what they do, not what they say.

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Time To Begin Sorting Things out

First off; I agree with columnist and radio personality Larry Elder in that I am an “ABC guy”, that is to say “anybody but Clinton”.  Her monumental litany of lies, distortions and obfuscations over decades in high profile positions should be reason enough to disqualify her for any government position – let alone the Presidency – if for no other reasons than a lack of honesty and ethical behavior.  Not to mention her failure to perform competently in her previous official duties at every level.  Of course in these times all of those faults seem to be a prerequisite for political office.  Her willingness to sell out America while Secretary of State for foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation and her raking in millions of dollars in speaking fees to Wall Street entities have set the greed bar at an astronomic level.  How can such a person be trusted to act in the best interests of America?  The Clintons have at best proved amoral and rapacious and putting the White House back under their control would be disastrous for our nation.

On to Bernie Sanders.  I can understand why young people with a limited knowledge of the negative historical impact of Communism worldwide (due in great part to the Leftist/Socialist infestation of our educational community) ould be attracted to his untruthful portrayal of the Socialist Utopia waiting for all committed believers.  As for the older portion of the faithful, they finally have the chance to vote for a product of the Marxist movement that for so many years has declined to show its true colors.  Yesterday I saw one of the few “Bernie” bumper stickers that I have noted in the past couple of months.  What really had me agape were two of the other stickers that I noted on the same vehicle.  One had to do with “Peace”, the other insisted on “Co-exsistance”.  Considering the brutality of Communism worldwide that has resulted in the death of millions I am unable to fathom the mindset of whoever was driving that car.

What a shame that these two are what the Democratic Party is offering to lead the United States.

The Republicans continue to employ their circular firing squad which has narrowed a hodgepodge assortment of perennial contenders, moderate Governors, and several “outsiders” down to three remaining candidates.

Donald Trump, I am sorry to say, has yet to evince any true leadership qualities but  depends instead on bluster and demagoguery that prove divisive rather than constructing the unity that Republicans need muster in order to win the Presidency.  This would seem both ironic and short-sighted in that the current inhabitant of the White House is the most divisive President we have seen since the Eisenhower era when this particular characteristic began to be measured.  Although he has pinpointed dismay with the current administration’s ineptitude and raised the ire of many citizens to a fever pitch, Trump has yet to promote any concepts or plans to rally moderate Democrats and other voters.  Rabble rousing without solutions, questionable ethics, braggadocio and limited people skills are not reassuring when assessing the minefields both national and international that await the next President.

Ted Cruz has allowed himself to be sucked into Trump’s blame game and is currently mired in the mud pit with the front-runner.  This takes away from Cruz’ arguably better credentials and overshadows his stance as an anti-establishment reformer.  That is unfortunate because Cruz seems to offer some good ideas and potential solutions to employ should he become President.

John Kasich is a sitting Governor for the state of Ohio.  He served nine terms as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio’s 12th congressional district from 1983 to 2001.[5] His tenure in the House included 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee and six years as chairman of the House Budget Committee. He was a key figure in the passage of both welfare reform and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.  He has been described as a “moderate Republican” and up until this point has won only one state (Ohio) in the delegate race, seemingly unable to connect with voters on a national basis.  He could be reasonably described as part of the “Republican Establishment”.

There is a good chance that the Republican National Convention will be a slugfest in a number of ways, mainly because the GOP establishment is hysterical over the prospect that Trump will have the required votes to qualify for the nomination. That could well precipitate a “brokered convention” that would attempt to award the prize to someone of the party bosses’ preference.  Such an attempt might prove the death knell for the GOP as a national party and ensure another eight years of Democratic mismanagement at the highest levels.  You would think that the GOP could understand that their primary concern would be to defeat Hillary rather than to perpetuate the Party of The Incumbents.

I believe that a ticket of Cruz and Kasich could best accomplish a Republican win. The problem is getting those two to set aside personal ambitions for the good of the nation. When has that ever been a politician’s major concern?

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“Battle Lines Being Drawn” (Buffalo Springfield, 1966)

Yesterday in Chicago would appear to be a harbinger of things to come and that bodes ill for America.  The minions of the Left turned out in all their virulent glory to once again clearly demonstrate that their insistence on “tolerance” is hypocrisy in its meanest form. The anarchists were in full cry, rabid in their denouncement of a presidential candidate daring to attempt to hold a rally in one of the most corrupt and failing bastions of Democratic rule in the nation.  All of the enemies of America were on parade, from the ignorant and clueless students to the professional agitators of (the now openly Communist supporters of the Marxist Bernie Sanders) and the stridently racist groups such as La Raza and Black Lives Matter.  The First Amendment rights of the candidate and his supporters were thoroughly violated through an organized and successful attempt to intimidate a group of citizens whose sole purpose in meeting was to express their political support for a candidate of their choice.

And this farce was crowned by efforts by the demonstrators, the media, and even the so-called Republican candidates Cruz and Rubio to affix the blame for all of the commotion on Donald Trump and his supporters.  The Republican Party has achieved a new low.  One can only speculate on what effect their craven actions might have on the upcoming Republican National Convention to be held in Cleveland, Ohio.  Will busloads of protesters appear in force with their slogans and chants and will the Republicans grovel to their demands and perhaps even cancel the event?

By now there should be no question in any rational person’s mind that the Left (not to mention the Washington Establishment and the Incumbent Party) truly fears the message that Donald Trump has clearly put together and that an increasing number of Americans support: many of us are fed up with being (a) ignored by our so-called leadership and (b) equally resentful of the bullying tactics employed by the numerous special interests groups masquerading under the cover of political correctness.

Rather than coalescing around a common goal to resist the plan to destroy the United States, to prevent the continuance of our decline that electing another Democrat as president (a Communist or a crook?), the Republicans have again constructed a “circular firing squad” to ensure failure in the upcoming election.

Our country has been brought to a tipping point sooner than I expected.  Our enemies, both external and internal, are making bold moves after determining that the internal rot consuming our society has weakened our national resolve to the point that America is ripe for the final “change”.

The war is now out in the open.  Going along to get along should be a thing of the past.  Is it not now obvious that our enemies are never going to be satisfied until our Representative Republic is destroyed and replaced with some form of despotism?  Either we capitulate or resist.

Personally, I plan to be a part of the resistance and will do whatever it takes to defeat whichever Democrat is presented for coronation in November – not to mention targeting for defeat every damned political elite at every level that I can identify.  Bring it on!

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Top Executive Position Open; Leadership Qualification a Must

It is a great shame that we have yet to identify any truly top notch applicants from the resumes offered and that includes the group as a whole.

What?  Oh yes, we have numerous submissions, but to this date there is not one that really stands out from the herd.  Our migraine-inducing task has been to sort out the disqualified; the pretenders, the inexperienced, the padded resumes, the liars, the blatant covering up of terribly poor decisions and the obvious incompetence that led to them, and perhaps most important, those lacking the personal charisma needed to change a moribund culture.  Unfortunately applying normal measurements to this motley crew seldom results in forcing the most unwelcome from the race.

This position in our organization is best filled by an intelligent, mature, honest, ethical, responsible, experienced individual in good health with exceptional communications skills who interacts well with others on a personal basis while building a team prepared to engage and resolve the many issues created through a strong national and international presence.  Pay and benefits are more than adequate but the true rewards gained from this position will be in the form of the satisfaction gained from a sterling performance that will be gratefully recognized by multitudes of people who are in dire need of someone who can earn their trust and provide them with the guidance and policies that will improve their lives.

Yeah, yeah …. I know.  Get real, eh?  An applicant meeting even those basic requirements is not easy to find these days.

Perhaps the search would be easier if we could convince the applicant herd to provide a thorough summation of their individual solutions to solving the most apparent problems confronting our organization rather than simply attacking other competitors?  Force them into revealing their knowledge of the intricacies involved in applying targeted solutions as opposed to generalities and platitudes?  Specifics rather than bombast?  In another life I made a decision as a sales rep to avoid trashing my competition’s product.  After all, if I did not have enough confidence and pride in what I had to offer to present it on its own merits would that not generate a suspicion that there was an element of dishonesty in my presentation?

There was of course another item that had to be explored and addressed: the wants and needs of my prospective customer.

Guess I have to ‘fess up.  By now you must have guessed that I am referencing the Presidential candidates and the prize that they are seeking.  But wouldn’t it be great if we could utilize the same techniques employed in hiring the best qualified for those truly tough jobs?

We do of course understand that the brightest, most competent and efficient people would never consider entering the mud wrestling pit of politics.  Who wants to be dumped into a sack of snarling cats whose main goal is to claw their way to the top of the heap while using tactics repulsive to the average citizen?  Given that baseline, how do we identify a good choice?  What other yardstick can we employ to separate the wheat from the chaff?

What about leadership?  And how, you may well ask, do you define that attribute?  Even though that might be labeled a general characteristic here is where it becomes personal.  What I may regard as a sterling quality in a specific candidate may be repugnant to my neighbor, or vice versa.

But I would think that many of us can recall someone in our lives that we admired and looked up to.  A teacher, a coach, some sort of mentor, a role model within or outside our family circle.  Or perhaps a friend or acquaintance who always seemed ready to step forward to meet the need, to inspire others to work toward a common goal.  What strengths did that person exhibit to excite your interest and trust?

I was long ago convinced that respect cannot be demanded.  It must be earned.  Those in leadership positions should never ask anything from their subordinates that they themselves are not willing or able to do.  A leader must be able to inspire, to demonstrate how a problem can be solved or an obstacle overcome.  And above all, a leader must be able to generate trust.

Yes, every individual builds their own standards and hopefully in more ways than not some of those will coincide with what a majority of our fellow citizens also value and we can agree to act in unison for the common good.

As I recall, that is the basis for a Representative Republic, is it not?

I do not yet have a Presidential candidate that I have decided on, although there are some that I have absolutely ruled out.  Perhaps once we get past the muddle that has characterized the early stages of campaigns a more clear picture of the qualifications of the remaining few aspirants can be observed.  True debates managed by professional, competent moderators (not network personalities) would be a good place to start.

Let’s get back to our seats; the second act is soon to begin.


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What Will it Take?

This year’s election process qualifies as a three-ring circus.

The lame duck President, an arrogant, narcissistic, bumbling, incompetent ideologue deserves a spotlight all his own and with the continuing compliant devotion of a sycophantic mainstream media will continue to bask in his delusional self-adulation.

The stultifying Democratic primary features an amoral, cunning harridan with enough negative baggage to overload a pack mule, and a fossilized Socialist stumbling toward dementia whose plans to save America consist of bestowing “free stuff” on adoring millenia and restoring the grandeur of labor unions and assorted remnants of The Communist Party USA – while “Good Ol’ Joe” (the Party’s crazy uncle in the attic) circles the periphery in case of a total meltdown.  Bring in the clowns.

Center ring is occupied by the frenetic Republican Party, currently swirling about the electromagnetic gravitational force generated by the candidacy of Donald Trump.  Obscured in this maelstrom are some reasonably good contenders personified by Dr. Ben Carson, Senators Cruz and Rubio, Carley Fiorina, Gov. Chris Christi and a chorus consisting of some of the perennial aspirants to the Crown.

The stated purpose of this extravaganza is to restore to our United States the world’s respect and economic security that Democratic leadership over the past seven years has carelessly demolished.  There can be no denial that the current administration has alienated many of our traditional allies throughout the world by clumsy diplomacy and outright antagonism while coddling up to some of our most hostile enemies such as Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Russia.  Our general economic structure has been weakened by profligate overspending, mismanagement by the Federal Reserve and other agencies, a severe reduction in the workforce with many giving up the search for a replacement job, the crushing burden emerging from the restructuring of our medical care system, and the unrestrained avarice and carelessness of our major financial institutions.

Many other issues demand attention, not the least of which is the deterioration of the rule of law, the vital component of a free society, through the subversion of our Constitution and the rise of its replacement, the frivolous and erratic rule by man’s willfulness.

What the mainstream media has deliberately avoided is the core problem which has been carefully obscured for decades.  Namely, that the Two Party system is a myth.  In reality, there is but one party in control of our country and that is the Party of the Incumbents.  This monolith consists of elected officials of any party who have holed up in Washington for at least two terms, thereby being indoctrinated in “how Washington works”, a synonym for the endemic corruption fed by hordes of lobbyists and special interest groups and supported by massive amounts of campaign contributions of questionable ethical and legal origin.  The recipients of this largess are further ensnared by the prospects of additional financial enrichment following their departure from “public service” and acceptance into any one of a multitude of high-paying corporate,”non-profit” or “consultative” positions with organizations depending upon government for their livelihood.

This reeking compost heap is avidly supported by legions of federal government employees who can be counted on to steadfastly support any and all members of the political class who toe the line.

So is it any wonder that the American public is not just increasingly outraged, but looking to “outsiders” who are campaigning for the highest office in the land?  Donald Trump has given voice to a massive dissatisfaction with our nation’s government.  65 to 75 per cent of our citizens, according to a recent polls by Gallup and other organizations, lack faith in our government’s ability to solve the problems the nation faces.

This prevailing angst has members of The Establishment (on both sides of the aisle) in a flailing tizzy, including such supposed conservative publications as National Review and The Weekly Standard.  How can voters even consider such a buffoon as Trump? they shrilly demand, not comprehending that they are revealing their previously carefully concealed contempt for the masses.  This is to be expected from the liberal media, but now the depth of corruption has been completely exposed.

Our system of a representative republic is based on the belief that its citizens are capable of making informed and intelligent choices when selecting those who would represent them.  Obviously something has gone wrong.  Elitists, statists and a burgeoning managerial class of self-appointed experts are on the verge of creating the dream of the Social Democrats; a benevolent dictatorship masquerading as a socialist utopia that provides equality for all through crushing taxation and pervasive regulation.

This three-ring show is precariously perched on the brink of a deep and very dark abyss.  May I suggest that in November you think carefully and seriously about who you want to lead America.  Taking the wrong exit out of the tent after the show can prove disastrous.

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A Matter of Morality

The concept of ethical and moral relevancy appears to have been firmly implanted in contemporary American society due to the continuing efforts of a “new social class” that emerged in Europe during the period 1749-1889, as described in an essay penned by Lawrence Klepp contained in the August 17, 2015 issue of The Weekly Standard.  Mr. Klepp defines this previously unformed group as “entirely devoted to coming up with ideas–the thinking class, the theory class, the class consisting of the imperious, all explaining persons who became known, sometime around the middle of the 19th century, as intellectuals.”

From these roots, as described by Frank M. Turner in his book European Intellectual History from Rousseau to Nietzsche, emerged such “less presumptuous”luminaries as Alexis de Tocqueville, John Stuart Mill, Charles Darwin Adam Smith and Mary Wollstonecraft, “moderate reformists” who introduced an “empirical, scientific bent” that paralled Rousseau’s abandonment of conventional manners and morals and his crusade to “make the hatred of one’s own culture the stance of the cultivated person”.  The reformists eventually turned against progress or decided that it wasn’t enough and should be replaced by a heedless rush to utopia.  But Rousseau remained the original of “the estranged, visionary, badly dressed intellectuals who came after him and concluded that their newly-minted ideal of “rational progress” deformed and diminished humanity rather than improving it.

It is worth reflecting upon that these European “intellectuals” produced no goods, grew no crops, created no industrial inventions, nor otherwise contributed to the common welfare, yet insisted on attempting to form a religion out of such concepts as the inner self, progress, nationalism, culture, or even science.  The fruits of their labors instead laid the ground work for such smoldering time bombs as Marxism and militant nationalism as well as the more subtle “progressive” movements that have infested so many Western cultures including our own.

The success of establishing a “new religion” must out of necessity depend upon the abandonment of the tenets of the old.  History unfortunately provides far too many instances of religion and politics eagerly merging which resulted in war, privation and misery for the masses while establishing luxury and power for the prevailing ruling class, whether that be monarchies, dictatorships or other variations of oppressive regimes.  The denigration  and subversion of “ancient and accepted truths” is the mandatory first step in creating the fertile ground to nourish the rise of the new order.

Friedrich Nietzsche, during his descent into eventual madness, exerted tremendous influence upon the European intellectual elites through his challenges directed toward the foundations of Christianity and traditional morality.  His preferred philosophy of “life-affirmation,” which involves an honest questioning of all doctrines that drain life’s expansive energies, however socially prevalent those views might be.  Unfortunately his philosophic prescription to the enhancement of individual and cultural health, and belief in life, creativity, power, and the realities of the world we live in, rather than those situated in a world beyond also resulted in the “Superman theory” being attributed to his musings and adapted by dictatorial regimes with catastrophic results.

Which brings us to the overturning of the morals and ethics of culture or civilization through persistent, gradual introduction of “facts” invented and designed to weaken the current common societal foundations which can then be replaced through government intervention.  “Divide and conquer” becomes the operative tactic and we find no better example of that than what has been implanted here in America.

How otherwise could the murderous, obscene procedure of forcibly removing a being in its formative stages from a mother’s womb (in many cases at or beyond the 20-week gestation period where a premature birth could well result a healthy and growing baby) and then marketing its carefully preserved organs and other parts to the highest bidder and presented as a “service to humanity” and/or a necessary aid to science?  Particularly when some of the ranking executives of the ironically named “Planned Parenthood” organization are recorded on tape blithely informing prospective buyers that a deal could be made because, “I would like a Lamborghini”.

An arguable case may be made over other “benefits” that Planned Parenthood provides to unwilling mothers and prospective mothers, but the abortion mill that the organization immensely profits from should be excluded from the mix.  China’s trafficking in human parts (harvested in part from political prisoners and other regime targets) has been rightly condemned yet here in our own country such atrocities are not only countenanced but advocated by a major political party and many of its adherents.

The destruction of our moral and ethical unity continues apace.  Unless we, “The People”, can reject the new religion of “relativism” that has been insinuated into our culture and return to the moral and ethical underpinning that made our nation one of laws and not of men none of us will escape the depredation and domination that is planned for us.

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